macOS Sierra: 7 reasons to wait for the new desktop platform Apple

Along with iOS 10, Apple announced macOS Sierra – large-scale updates of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system with new features for even more intelligent and useful work Mac.

Now Siri is available on Mac, so users open a whole new side of the familiar everyday desktop computer. Voice assistant allows to search for information, find files, fix and drag and drop the search results and even change system settings.

Through integration with iCloud, all content on the Desktop and in the folder “Documents” available on iPhone and iPad, so users always have access to the right files. Universal clipboard allows you to copy the content including text, images, photographs and videos from one Apple device and paste on another. Together with Sierra Mac appears Apple Pay so shopping on the Internet becomes even easier, more reliable and safer. And in the Photos now it is easy to recall important points, organize your library and edit images to professional level.

1. Siri for the first time on a Mac

Now to bring up Siri on a Mac is just a click away. Familiar Siri is now available on Mac along with brand-new features designed specifically for desktop computers. Siri is easily accessible from the Dock, from the menu bar or using the keyboard and allows you to use voice commands to search for different information or files, and send messages. For example, you can ask Siri to find a file you worked on in the evening, add a calendar appointment or call for FaceTime. Additionally, Siri for Mac allows you to drag search results to Siri directly into documents or emails, and also keep them in notification Center to track data such as scores or stock quotes. You can even modify system settings, set reminders, and search photos in your library. Appearing on Mac, Siri was available on all the four software platforms, Apple iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS, where it a week and handles two billion requests from 36 countries.

2. Desk and Documents on all devices

With macOS Sierra all files from your Desktop and from folder “Documents” available to you from any Mac, iOS device or even PC. Just save the file to your Desktop or Documents folder and they will be with you everywhere, wherever you need. Files accessible from your iPhone and iPad via iCloud Drive app and on the website or the iCloud app for Windows. And when you log in to your account on another Mac, your files appear on the Desktop and in the Documents folder exactly where you saved them.

3. A single clipboard on Mac, iPhone and iPad

The Continuity feature on your Apple has also received improvements with the release of macOS Sierra. Universal Clipboard function allows you to use the clipboard across all your Apple devices through iCloud. You can easily copy and paste text, images, photos and videos from one Mac, iPhone or iPad to another.

4. Tabs in most applications

For more effective interaction with the desktop in macOS, Sierra convenience feature of tabs in Safari is implemented in all Mac applications that support multiple Windows,such as Maps, Mail, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and TextEdit-and even third-party applications. Tabs allow you to view Maps in several places at the same time, to copy text from one Pages document and paste it into another in full screen mode, or quickly switch between multiple drafts in the Mail.

5. “Picture in picture”

Now you can work with one window and view the content in another. MacOS Sierra, you can have the video from Safari or iTunes in a separate window on top of all others while you work and even change its size, drag, or fixed in any corner of the screen. The video remains at the top, even when you are working in another window, so you don’t miss anything.

6. Purchase on a Mac with Apple Pay

Many people like to shop online with your Mac with macOS purchases in Safari at a glance. With Apple Pay you can easily make safe and confidential purchase on the websites that support this feature. You no longer need to enter a credit or debit card on the seller’s website, and the numbers of your card are not stored on your device nor on Apple servers. Simply press the Apple Pay button at checkout in many of your favorite online stores and complete the order using Touch ID on your iPhone or your Apple Watch. All the connections of your devices with the Apple Pay servers is securely password protected, and none of your purchases are not tracked by the system Apple Pay.

7. The function of Memories in Photos

New feature Memories in photos, will help you to rediscover forgotten favorites and highlights: it automatically creates in your Photo selected collections for special occasions such as birthday, wedding or family vacation. This app uses the latest computer technology face recognition, objects and places, as well as geolocation data and can group photos into albums depending on the people, objects and places depicted in them. The function of People automatically groups photos into albums based on who is in them, and the function Places places the photos on a world map, so you will immediately see where they were taken. A new tool Brilliance allows to process images at a professional level, muting the illuminated areas and increasing the contrast to highlight details in your image.


  • The automatic unlock independently logs on to your account — just go to Mac, if your Apple Watch.
  • Optimized Storage allows you to free up space on Mac is filled, storing in iCloud infrequently used items, offering to remove the used application installers and even remove duplicate downloaded files, cache files, logs, and more.
  • To communicate the Message becomes even more interesting — now in the dialogs you can display links to web pages, and watch videos right in the app to send the symbols or use enlarged Emoji for emphasis, right in the message thanks to the Tapback.
  • With Apple Music in iTunes is even easier to find new music, see exclusive content and new releases.

“A major upgrade macOS Sierra makes your Mac even more powerful and useful than before. Familiar apps are even better and the new features help in any task, ” says Craig Federighi, senior Vice President of Apple’s software. — With macOS Sierra you can search for information, find documents and to use multitasking features with Siri, to access your Desktop and Documents folder from anywhere, copy and paste the content on different devices Mac and iOS, as well as to rediscover important moments in Photos.

Starting with macOS Sierra, Apple is using the technology of Differential Privacy to determine the characteristics of various technologies a large number of users without threats to their privacy. MacOS Sierra this technology will help to improve auto-correction suggestions and tips in the Notes.

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