Microsoft will copy one of the key features of iOS 9 for Windows 10

No matter what, but Apple continues to set trends in the market. After Samsung and Google one of the key functions of the iOS operating system decided to use Microsoft. We are talking about the so-called night mode, which provides the ability to disable the blue spectrum of the illumination of the display.

To test the service packs for the operating system Windows 10 has been spotted files that refer to the night mode for iOS devices. Special screen display mode will be activated in the settings.

With one click the owner of the computer that is running Windows 10 will be able to turn the filter blue. In this case unlike the iPhone, the user can adjust the colors of the display to reduce the load.

Blue light is most annoying eyes, what can cause poor sleep and health. The filter is designed to solve this problem and to make your phone safe for sight of the owner.

Recall that the mode is Night Shift on the iPhone was the “chip” interim update version 9.3. Apple option also supports automatic switching of modes, depending on the location and time in certain timezone.

A similar feature called Night Mode appeared in the Android operating system 7.0, the release of which was held in August. The new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is also copied display mode to the iPhone and iPad.

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