Moshi has introduced car mount for iPhone and USB-C headphone with DAC

Accessory maker Moshi has unveiled at CES 2019 several new products — a wireless charger in car for iPhone and headphones with USB-C for MacBook Pro and iPad Pro 2018.

Car magnetic mount SnapTo is designed for use with your existing iPhone series Altra, and Vesta iGlaze from Moshi. The accessory will be released in two versions — with wireless charging and without it.

New Moshi Mythro headset Avanti C and C are connected to the gadget USB. C Mythro headphones have aluminum housing, and Avanti C — is-ear headphones with leather ear pads. Both products are compatible with Mac computers with USB connector-C and models iPad Pro 2018.

Both headsets feature digital-to-analog Converter and amplifier class G. According to the manufacturer, connection via USB-C provides superb sound quality with the integrated DAC.

C Mythro headset is already available on the website of Moshi for $ 50, and the model Avanti C will be available at a price of $ 200 at the end of February. Car mount SnapTo feature will appear in mid-April at a price of 30 and $ 60 depending on the availability of wireless charging.

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Clifton Nichols

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