This technology will reduce the “Bang” for your iPhone 2019

The latest development of AMS, a supplier of optical sensors facial recognition for the iPhone, will allow little to distinguish between models of 2019 from the current generation of devices. Of course, if Apple decide to introduce the technology in new smartphones.

We have already reported that the iPhone 2019 will remain a controversial feature of the design. However, a new development of AMS is encouraging that the “bangs” in smartphones, Apple is still a bit reduced.

Currently, AMS is a supplier of optical sensors for face recognition used by Apple for iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. It became known that the company developed a new RGB light sensors and infrared proximity that can be set for OLED displays. In functionality they do not differ from the sensors of the current generation. However, increased sensitivity is combined with new algorithms that allow to obtain accurate data without any interference from the pixels of the display. Other technology features of the new sensor is still unknown.

There is no guarantee that Apple will implement the technology in the new smartphones. Before the release of iPhone 2019 remains nine months, the devices are still in the testing stage, and therefore possible changes in design and functionality.

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