New in macOS Mojave: news Apple News

New macOS Mojave became available for download September 24, 2018. Among the many innovations the key for Apple has been the emergence of Mac news Apple News aggregator, the development of which the company was engaged several years.

In the updated version of the operating system will appear long-awaited app Apple News. For the first time news aggregator from Apple was introduced in 2015, during the presentation of iOS 9. The company took several years to begin using the new program not only on smartphones and tablets, but also on computers. As noted in the Apple brand aggregator will help users to familiarize themselves with the latest news without using third-party applications: materials of journalists from selected publications themselves will come to the device company.

At the moment Apple is gradually expanding the geography of its new product. The first users of Apple News on iOS were residents of the United States, then they were joined by Australia and the UK. In Russia, the service, as in many other countries, until recently, was not available because the creators of the Apple News was not completely confident in the success of your project. However, to use a news aggregator Apple on iOS in Russia it is possible: to do this, go to “Settings>Basic>Language and region>Formats regions” and select from the proposed list of the United States.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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