New vulnerability allows to bypass the lock screen in iOS 10.3.3

In iOS 10, iOS version 10.3.3 beta, which managed to install on their gadgets the iPhone and iPad users discovered the vulnerability that allows you to turn off your cellular connection. Siri voice assistant allows you to manage function, despite the fact that initially it requires to enter a password to enter the system.

Vulnerability could possibly allow unauthorized users to disable cellular on iPhone, for example, to deprive the owner the ability to track the device through Find My iPhone. To bypass the screen lock allows Siri voice assistant, built-in mobile Apple devices. In this case, the attacker does not need any special skills, enough to ask about it.

A loophole through which we can pass protect iPhone, was discovered by redditors. The user needs to call up Siri and say “turn Off cellular communications”. The voice assistant will respond that you first need to unlock the iPhone and will show the password entry screen. Now we need to repeat again the command: appears on the screen the toggle switch with the settings “Cellular data”. Thus, an attacker can deprive iPhone access to cellular network even if the user has disabled the control button with airplane mode on the lock screen.

The main condition for a successful operation ā€“ activated “Siri” on the iPhone lock screen. Switch the voice assistant is under Settings ā€“> Touch ID & passcode.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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