Notifications are the worst part of iOS. Why you need to shut it off

Tell why the notification is evil and how to make them not enraged.

Notifications are the worst part of iOS. Why you need to shut it off

Until came the WWDC, it’s time to discuss what’s wrong with the major mobile OSes on the planet. Fortunately, a favorite at the mercy of is ready. This notice.

On iOS they fantastically bad notification mercilessly clog up the lock screen, are distracting and confusing. Remember every time you take an iPhone in the morning — there already were about a dozen notifications. To understand them, usually, no one lacks patience. Cloud text is simply removed and ignored messages to make up for the old-fashioned way, checking the list of dialogues.

Notifications are the worst part of iOS. Why you need to shut it off

The only way to use the iPhone and not to suffer — completely disable notifications for most programs. An exception may be working messengers like Slack and Telegram. But there is to dig into the settings: leave the alerts are only for personal references.

Why don’t you come half-measures? They do not work. Let us honestly look at themselves notice. Their mechanics simply should be called a “lure”. But the developers prefer the expression is more complicated, like “improve collaboration”.

In reality, everything is easier. The notification subscription is a reliable hook on which strand the user. To include any program that offers immediately, when you first start. The perfect moment for a trap: the user is usually too much of a hurry to think to refuse. On this bet.

As soon as you will be less likely to use the program, it will cause retaliation. You will regularly pour in the notice. Here Instagram let me remind you that someone for the first time in a long time posted a photo. Here the game will prompt that activated a special bonus. It’s a nasty marketing trap.

Notifications are the worst part of iOS. Why you need to shut it off

Furthermore, notification is a direct invasion of personal space. You can sit in the restaurant or chat with friends, but before vibrating the phone (in the best case a clock) is difficult to resist. The developers don’t know what you’re doing, but I want to increase the activity in your program.

Another obvious but important point — we accumulate tens and hundreds of unwanted sources of notifications. This is the most intimate way of interacting with the user, but is really critical applications it is used by all. You remember at least one program that once installed does not offer you mailing notifications? I don’t.

While the problem is not noticed in the Apple — a temporary solution. Go to “Settings” → “do Not disturb”, scroll down to “Silence” and enable the option “Always”.

Notifications are the worst part of iOS. Why you need to shut it off

iPhone will be much friendlier: alerts and calls will be muted during use. Moreover, it is not conditional: pesky banners will no longer float on the screen and will only be available on the lock screen. By the way, if talking on the phone for you are still important, you can configure access to selected contacts.

Stay in this mode for at least a few days — and the use of the smartphone will be transformed. He will cease to be bothersome, requiring the attention of the eater of time. You deprive razrabotcikov another marketing ploy.

If you want a more subtle debugging in settings there is a “Notifications” section. It is located in a prominent place, but I’m sure a little at least once seriously studied. We used to take notifications for granted, and appreciate them from the days when they were new. In this section settings can be finely calibrated which notifications you want to receive from your installed programs.

I’ll give a hint: 90% of the software you can simply shut off access. Instant messengers and social networks is enough to keep the unread count displayed on the icon. Workers applications, of course, the immune system and their notification is really important.

Notifications are the worst part of iOS. Why you need to shut it off

Looks like a hell of a work, isn’t it? So Tim cook should not fail. Go strong rumors that Apple will introduce at WWDC feature Digital Health, which will show how we use a smartphone. This innovation can be disposed of in the toilet if it will not complement the advanced group notifications, and an AI systemthat is able to rank them according to priority.

A personal message from a loved one that ignites the screen of a smartphone — is no match for the alert of casual games, which hissed money on microtransactions. If Apple is able to convince us that facial recognition on photos and storing biometric information on the device is secure, then such processing private information pull. Needless to say that Android has long been sorts the notifications much better than iOS? This striking gap is also supposed to add motivation Apple.

Notifications are the worst part of iOS. Why you need to shut it off

If a breakthrough with the notifications still happen, be assured that this decision has given the company a hard time. Notice bring the money and return us to the world of the infinitely scrollable advertisement. Kill the goose that lays the Golden eggs will not be easy. But if Tim cook does it right — they deserve enormous respect. Personal electronics are made for us and not Vice versa.

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