Where to listen to music in 2018

Music by subscription – trend 2017, but questions about which service is better, do not cease till now. Edition MacDigger decided to understand independently and make your selection best.

The list includes only those services that operate on the territory of Russia. Let’s start:

Apple Music | 169 rubles a month

Apple Music service that is primarily intended for owners of iPhone, iPad and Mac. They often pay attention to it, although a client for Android too. It’s very easy to connect and configure, and deep integration with Siri and other Apple products could make someone especially happy.

Apple Music definitely attracts its extensive music collection, classroom collections, and a special price for students – 75 rubles a month. A large number of advantages is difficult to cover two things: not very easy to navigate and not very pleasant interface.

Yandex.Music | 229 rubles per month

Unlike Apple Music, “Yandex.Music” will be free to use, but in this case, have to endure advertising. The app is cool and user friendly interface that will be familiar to anyone who has ever used the products of “Yandex”.

Of course, the service is aimed at Russian-speaking audience. This has resulted in sync with the music “Vkontakte”, and also a large number of Patriotic songs. Unfortunately, the music collection of “Yandex” is much less than the Apple Music and many people may not like it.

Google Music | 159 rubles a month

Another foreign service from the list with a very attractive price, which works perfectly in Russia. Unfortunately, there is one problem – you can subscribe only through the Google site, so you’ll have a little bother. From features – the ability to upload your music library using the client computer.

Google Music more friendly to Android users, and the design of the application is highly distracting from the overall look iOS. Google, like Apple, a small problem with navigation, but with music everything is fine – it is impressive.

Boom | 149 rubles

Boom is the most friendly to users of “Vkontakte” service. It automatically added all collected audio recordings in the social network collection, so spend time searching for compositions is not necessary. Also when decorated to Boom the subscription will be removed all restrictions on listening to music in VK app.

The service is convenient and a minimalist interface, a favorite of all the dark theme, and also the lowest price on the music – less exactly nowhere. A library is a little bit smaller than Google and Apple, but it’s not very noticeable. Of the minuses – a large number of fan-made fakes, as well as the quality of the records.

The above music services – some of the best in Russia and the world. I use something else? Let me know in the comments!

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