One of the features of the iOS 9.3, which you might not know

If you are still not using an iPhone or iPad to view films, you have another reason to start doing it. 9.3 in iOS Apple has expanded its ecosystem of support for important technologies, which will excite all fans of blockbusters.

Adapter Lightning to Digital AV, you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies with sound Dolby Digital Plus (7.1), which supports up to eight channels. At this point 7.1 is one of the most promising systems, since the sound fills the room evenly, creating the effect of full immersion.

Apple has already made support for Dolby Digital Plus in the Mac and Apple TV fourth generation, and now is the turn of iOS devices. You only need an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Lightning adapter, about which we wrote above. And, of course, compatible with the 7.1 receiver you have at home. Itself Dolby recommends a few brands ā€” for example, Onkyo.

Because Lightning ā€” Digital AV support 1080p, you can easily buy a movie in iTunes and display it on a TV in good quality. Very cool.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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