Programmable with Apple Swift Playgrounds are already in the App Store

To learn programming from scratch and even more to achieve in this field some results not everyone. Some embarrassing past humanitarian and philological education. Others, not wanting to get out of the comfort zone, does not consider the prospect once again to sit behind the school Desk, even if they paid for it. Third, strangely, still willing to take some steps on the way to “clear” the programmer’s future, being totally unprepared for the volume that they take on specialized courses. Swift Playgrounds – for those who have none.

No, this is not an advertising article with no notes and not even a review. Known for its reverent attitude to education, Apple recently moved on to more active actions. Has ceased to be a rarity news about the opening of another research or educational complex, where cupertinos mean from infancy to teach their likely future employees. With the recent time to become skilled in programming, it became possible for anyone, regardless of level of education and the appropriate mindset. Apple guarantees.

New app Swift Playgrounds – the easiest way to get acquainted with the Swift language and start coding with ease. An interactive interface will be of interest to the most indifferent children, and the final result will approve even the established and successful developers. Students will have to pass a lot of lessons on the basics of programming, the fundamental features of the profession and solve non-standard tasks. According to Craig Federighi, senior Vice President of Apple software, Swift Playgrounds is what he lacked at first.

Swift Playgrounds is a one of a kind app that allows simply, but effectively to learn coding, says Federighi. Is an innovative way for everyone to come to an understanding of programming concepts, and to develop existing skills and exercise your creativity”.

The main message of the developers who created the Swift Playgrounds is an absolute education. Create your own app right on your tablet using your existing templates or coming up with unique. Worked out to the smallest detail, experimenting with graphics, interface and support of different modules. And since the basis of Swift Playgrounds is a real programming language, your design might be loaded straight into Xcode and got the right to produce a real revolution in the App Store.

Name: Swift Playgrounds
Publisher/developer: Apple Inc.
Price: Free
In app purchases: No
Compatibility: For iPad
Apple Watch Support: No
Link: Set

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