Siri will learn to answer calls automatically the appropriate meaning SMS

Apple has patented the algorithm, which Siri will be able to reject incoming calls and to write SMS clarifying the situation. 24 may 2018 on the website of the US Patent Office has been published the relevant document.

The Corporation seeks to engage Siri in the process of hang up calls. The role of the voice assistant will be to textually explain why his challenge was rejected.

The existing possibilities to control incoming calls is rather limited. The user can choose from basic options to answer or reject the call. However, when communicating with loved ones or important people, sometimes you need to explain why the call cannot be taken right now. Often in such situations, the smartphone owner is very busy and can’t write SMS on their own.

According to a new Apple patent, if you receive a call, the smartphone is one of the special modes, for example “do Not disturb”, Siri will try to collect as much data as possible about what the busy user. Sources of information will be app to monitor activity, health and perform other important functions.

Analyzing obtained data, voice assistant will be able to create a message explaining the situation. After checking if the user is satisfied with the response, it will be sent as a message.

It is expected that the system will be compatible with CarPlay that will help not to distract the driver.

Siri will also be able to generate different messages depending on if you have got a call from the wife or work colleagues, and to provide several variants of text.

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