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Apple released a third public beta of iOS 12.1

Public beta testers this time was lucky. Apple has released iOS 12.1 beta 3 to developers on the evening of 9 October, then made it available to all in a few hours. Download beta 3 by setting a public profile of a tester.

When developing a new version of iOS, Apple releases a new beta for developers, primarily to make sure that there are no fatal flaws, before you can grant access to the public. The reasonableness of such a move, the company has proven during beta testing iOS 12 this …


Apple will soon launch the second season of Carpool Karaoke

The show was nominated for an Emmy award Carpool Karaoke renewed for a second season. Apple announced that soon the iOS users will be able to watch some new series of transfer free.

Carpool Karaoke is a program in which famous people, including sports stars, television, music and film, traveling in the car together with the leading and singing. The show is in great demand in Europe and the United States.

This summer, the show has won an Emmy award in the category “Best short …


Choosing the best cloud service

This article will not dry figures, direct comparison of tariffs and the winner. Instead, I will talk about the pros and cons of each service and share his experience.


I have often heard the opinion that Dropbox is the best cloud service, so the first thing I decided to study it.

Immediately the cons. The free rate is available 2 GB in personal files. To me this place enough, but, as they say, much is not enough. The second disadvantage, which for me is much more critical of …


Apple releases third beta of iOS 12.1 for developers

A week after the release of the second beta version of iOS 12.1, Apple has posted the third beta for developers. This is another update aimed at fixing bugs.

Registered developers can download the new beta version of 12.1 iOS from the Apple Developer Center. There you can download a profile that is required to update over the air.

iOS 12.1 includes several features that Apple said at the presentation of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. First and foremost, the new version adds support the …


What will be the new iPad Pro

Perhaps Apple this month will hold the event, which will present new models of iPad Pro, Mac computers and more. Most of these rumors are supported by evidence in the beta version of iOS 12.1, the code which the developers found a reference iPad2018Fall.

Sources familiar with the development of new iPad Pro, provided additional information about the devices, their features, and more.

The tablets received the following number codes:

  • for Wi-Fi models, iPad8,1, iPad8,2, iPad8,and

Why two-factor authentication incorrectly displays the location of the device

Two-factor authentication is an excellent mechanism to protect user data. Except that sometimes he scares the owners of iOS devices and Mac computers showing the wrong location. Find out why this is happening.

If iCloud activated two-factor authentication, when you try to log in to your account, the gadget will be asked to enter a verification code that appears on a trusted computer or phone. At this point the screen shows a map with a point where trying to access the account. …


Users found out that one of the key features of iOS 12 will negatively affect the autonomy of the iPhone

After the release of iOS 12 and iOS devices began to complain of the reduction of working time from a single charge. On Reddit there were angry posts in which users criticized the new operating system for the reduction of autonomy. The cause was a new feature in iOS.

“I updated my iPhone a few days ago. I almost never used it, but the battery is melting before our eyes. Had to charge the smartphone twice a day, so it will not terminate. Usually charge enough for the whole day,” …


Apple has released iOS 12.0.1

Apple released iTunes 12.0.1, the first official update of iOS 12. The update came three weeks after the release of iOS 12.

The new version has no significant changes. Instead, the developers have fixed some problems that came to light after the release of iOS 12:

  • Fixed an issue where some iPhone XS did not immediately start charging after you connect the Lightning cable.
  • Fixed an issue where iPhone XS can connect to a Wi-Fi network at 2.4 GHz instead of 5 GHz.
  • The restored

In Safari on iOS 12 there is a protection against fraudulent keyboards

Apple is constantly improving the Safari browser, adding new features to improve security. In iOS 12 Safari is able to find and block fraudulent on-screen keyboard.

This is a function that users don’t notice, but it is constantly running and cannot be turned off. Safari all the time analyzes sites for on-screen keyboards, which collect data about users, including usernames, passwords and Bank details. If you notice a suspicious site, it will show a warning.

Found a new …