The developers: a free trial period for apps in the App Store is not as good as it seems

At the opening of the WWDC Apple announced that paid apps in the App Store will get the trial version. However, some developers see in this innovation a number of challenges, the newspaper reports Daring Fireball.

In an interview one of the creators of the app for the layout of blogs, MarsEdit, Daniel Jalkut called the approach proposed Apple surrogate for a trial period, and listed the many problems that may arise in the future.

The decision of the Corporation Tim cook is that developers will create a free app with in-app purchases. One of the options can be program with the full feature set that will only be available for 14 days from the date of installation.

Jalkut believes that developers use this approach in 2016, and Apple have always been happy with this state of Affairs. Paid apps are marked as free, it leads to confusion and causes a negative user. This primarily applies to expensive programs. For example, MarsEdit is $ 50. Many users who have downloaded the trial version, unpleasantly surprised to find out how much they will have to pay for unlocking.

Besides, Apple shifts the work to be performed by the App Store, on the shoulders of the developers. One of the main benefits of the App Store for the creators of the programs has always been the simplicity of the calculations. Apple took care of the transaction and charged for a Commission in the amount of 30% percent. Surrogate trial period forces the programmers to come up with complex chains of restrictions and locks.

Users can’t set up family sharing for trial applications or download multiple programmes to test the use, in one package.

Jalkut believes that all participants in the process will be much better if the App Store will be a list of paid apps with the free version, and Apple will control access to the program and to block it after a specified time. So users will be able to really get acquainted with all features of the app, the developers are saved from having to invent additional settings, and Apple will be easier to keep track of payments.

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