What you need to know before buying Apple Pencil 2

Appleinsider journalists conducted their own test the Apple Pencil of the second generation. We have collected the most important comments from their review that you should look for when purchasing this stylus.

The new stylus has become more compact than its predecessor and takes up less space. In addition, the device has got matte coating that makes it more convenient to use. One of the main problems the technology is compatible: the second generation stylus pen got USB type-C instead of Lightning, which makes its use possible only in tandem with the iPad Pro 2018. Gadget, by the way, now supports wireless charging: Apple Pencil can be clipped to the tablet and it will charge from it without other accessories.

Wireless charging stylus iPad from Apple has thought this through from beginning to end: the charge level of the device will be displayed on the screen of the tablet.

A snug fit of the stylus to the tablet ensures that it will charge in any case, even if the iPad is in a backpack or bag – you don’t need to continually check whether the device is charging. Reporters also noted that the majority of modern covers for the new tablet already have a place for the stylus, so about optional accessories for Apple Pencil can be forgotten.

In General, the stylus allows you to do with a tablet all the same, and using physical contact. In Appleinsider emphasize that it is very easy to draw (due to the speed of work any touch Apple Pencil is instantly read by the tablet) and create documents, so it is perfect for those who buy iPad for work or school.

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