The first financial quarter of 2017 interesting facts

Apple recently presented the results of the first fiscal quarter of 2017. We have already shared with you all of the most important. Now, traditionally, will tell you about interesting facts that were able to identify our colleagues from iDownloadBlog. Within the financial report and conference call with investors, Tim cook told a lot of interesting.

  • At the moment, Apple 246,1 billion in cash and securities.
  • Apple still gets 15-20 companies per year.
  • Apple has paid app developers for App Store, more than $ 60 billion.
  • Income for the year in the category of “Services” increased by 18% and amounted to $ 7.2 billion.
  • The business associated with the services on the verge of entering the Fortune 100.
  • Tim cook spoke about Apple’s plans to create original video content.
  • During the year the volume of Apple Pay transactions grew by 500 percent.
  • More than a million people use CarPlay.
  • iPhone 7 Plus is the most popular smartphone of the company with the prefix “Plus” for all time of their existence.
  • The company reported the highest quarterly income from your Mac in history.
  • iPad covers 85 percent of the tablet market more than $ 200 in the US.
  • Sales of the iPad fell by 18 per cent, but Tim cook has no plans to give up.
  • The Apple Watch has set a record for sales in the first quarter of 2017.
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Clifton Nichols

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