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In an effort to save money, our compatriots from time to time resort to overseas online stores and order the iPhone. Often, however, it turns out that the possible problems with this method of purchase is not limited only to custom plug to connect to the network. Our reader Yan Yezhov shared his experience of acquiring an iPhone which turned out to be zamochenny American operator, despite the assurances of the seller.

I’m a big fan of Apple technology and has placed her entire family. For a long time and enjoy reading you, he draws a lot of interesting facts about the settings, features, and news. I propose to remind your readers about the forgotten partially theme of “Purchase subsidized devices from the US, locked to the operator”.

Often bought equipment in US (eBay and Amazon), a couple of days ago I received (bought on eBay) iPhone 6 64Gb in excellent condition with full set. The seller was very adequate, and the final price of the lot is $ 320 USD.

The announcement did not cause suspicions, all the photos and case and serial numbers were. Box and phone match. The seller clearly wrote that the phone was locked to AT&T but unlocked.

And here I got a package and was going to set up the machine. Put in pre-purchased a SIM card Yota and ran the activation. But there it was. The phone said that the information about the operator is not on Apple servers for activation, you need to replace the SIM card.

I was upset and wrote to the seller. He replied that he did everything before the sale and sent me a scan of the proof of the confirmed application. I decided to write directly to the operator AT&T. On their website there is a form “request Unlock” (unlock Request) and describes the prerequisites to unlock. In the query there are 2 options for subscriber with AT&T and other operators. In the form specified IMEI, name, surname, contact phone and email.

After filling out the form to email comes the email with a link to confirm the request. If it does not confirm the request is canceled. In the written request that the deadline for the implementation of the application within 2 working days.

The site also has a second form “Check unlock status” (check request status). To check you need to specify the IMEI and request number from the email.

I decided not to wait 2 days and an hour later checked the status — and — about a miracle! — in the request it was stated Approved (Confirmed).

I turned on the phone and saw the desired activation process and the name of the operator Yota in the status bar. By the way, sulochana state the name of the “foreign” operator is not displayed — this is the first sign that the machine is something wrong.

So I want to wish you all: go for it and if successful, the case will succeed. And the English once again turned out to be useful.

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