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Telegram is working again without the VPN and Proxy

A few hours after the start of the blocking, instant messenger started working again without the need to install additional tools. But not so simple.

Despite the fact that Telegram is officially blocked in Russia, it continues to work. According to the head of the “Agora” — the legal organization that represented the interests of the Telegram in the court — Pavel Durov has set a “minimum objective is to delay the decision to block at least until the end of 2017”. Perhaps the …


Open order for the SIM card of the operator VK Mobile from “Vkontakte”

Social network “Vkontakte” opened an order for a SIM card, a new virtual operator VK Mobile with free shipping. Along with this became known all the details of the tariff.

On 5 June, the social network has opened access to community VK Mobile and app for ordering SIM cards. When you request SIM cards users need to pay 450 rubles — the total amount credited to mobile account. The monthly fee will amount to 399 rubles per month. You can connect with your number and selecting the new …


Became known the price and release date YotaPhone 3

YotaPhone 3 will be released in June 2017 at the Chinese exhibition in Harbin. It is reported by RBC with reference to the CEO of Marsfield (controls 34.9% of Yota Devices) Catherine Lapshin.

“The presentation of YotaPhone 3 will be held in the framework of the fourth Russian-Chinese Expo in Harbin, which will take place 15-19 June. The start of sales of smartphone will take place in September 2017,” – said the representative of Marsfield.

YotaPhone 3 will be equipped with two …


Mobile operator Mobile VK “Vkontakte” will work 15 Jul

MegaFon announced the launch of a new mobile operator VK Mobile. The project will release on the event VK fest in St. Petersburg, and a full working July 15.

About the upcoming launch of the new operator said the commercial Director of “MegaFon” Vlad Wolfson at the presentation in London announced that the mobile operator of the social network “Vkontakte” will earn 15 July 2017.

The main advantages of tariffs V Mobile will subscription music streaming service, cashback from the …


Yota Devices took out a loan for another $15 million to release YotaPhone 3 before the release of the iPhone 8

Yota Devices this year will introduce a new generation of smartphones with two screens. YotaPhone 3 is designed to compete with the iPhone 8, so should be out before the anniversary of the flagship Apple. To speed up the release of the smartphone, the company received additional loan of $15 million it is reported by RBC with reference to the Chinese company China …


MegaFon will spend on compensation to victims of failure to subscribers of $5 million

“MegaFon” promised to pay compensation to subscribers affected by a catastrophic failure of the network operator. According to the publication Content Review, the total costs of the operator on payments can reach $5 million.

On Friday, in a network “the Megaphone” it was one of the biggest accidents in the history of the cellular operator. Starting at 11am, customers could make voice calls, send and receive SMS messages. The data service continued to work in connection with which …


What you need YotaPhone 3 to Eclipse iPhone 8: notes of lationoamerica

The other day Yota Devices has announced the release of the next, third model of their high – tech miracle- YotaPhone. The gadget is expected to debut just in time for the release of iPhone 8 – the anniversary of “Apple” smartphone. Explorer Pln-pskov has shared his experience with the Russian wonder-gadget and speculate on the prospects of the third YotaPhone to overshadow the September new Apple.

To withdraw completely from the political unlikely – far too many copies have been …


“MegaFon” has apologized for the failure of communication and promised to compensate affected subscribers

Operator “MegaFon” in whose network the afternoon of 19 may there was a large-scale failure, promised to compensate customers who have suffered damage in the accident. This was announced by the head of the company Sergey Soldatenkov.

Soldatenkov apologized to the subscribers of “MegaFon”.”Once again sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We have made necessary conclusions and are already taking additional measures so that this situation does not happen again,” said the CEO. …


Subscribers of “MegaFon” complained of massive failure in the operator’s network

The afternoon of 19 may, the subscribers of “Megaphone” remained without communication. Numerous reports of network problems, appeared in social networks. The company acknowledged the existence of problems and promised to solve them in the near future.

“MegaFon does not work in the entire Central region,” – writes in social networks of Danish Fungi.

“MegaFon fell last month for the second time. What about other operators?” – asks Anton Chernokalov.

“MegaFon and Yota died in …


MTS refuse from unlimited tariffs on the Internet after Yota

MTS considers the possible increase in prices in the mobile market, pass “Vedomosti”. Speech, in particular, rate plans with unlimited mobile Internet. MTS plans to raise the prices of these fares or to abandon them in 2017. In addition, the leadership of the MTS allows for the possibility to reduce the size of mobile Internet traffic to the normal packet rates.

The rates or options that allow subscribers to transfer data without limit, through 2016 introduced all the operators. MTS …