the iMac has reached the age of majority

If this year you celebrate adulthood, know that you are the same age as one of the best computers in the history of mankind. Exactly eighteen years ago on August 15, 1998, the market received the first generation iMac.

Presentation of the car took place on 6 may of the same year, and even then it was obvious that the iMac G3 will be a huge success. At that time, the design of computers was developed according to the principle: “Your computer may be any color, but only if the colour beige. So when Cupertino broke juicy and flavorful splashes of variegated colors of the iMac, the industry took it as a breath of fresh air.

iMac won the hearts of customers not only bold in appearance: he was solid for the time 15-inch display and USB as the new standard of the industry. Bold rejection of the floppy drive also became a successful bet, and focusing on the usability of the Internet.

Over time, the iMac has ceased to dapple the bright colors and now looks much more impressive in a sexy aluminum case. But that doesn’t make it less desirable among buyers who are willing to pay a lot of money for the opportunity to interact with this wonderful car every day. Happy birthday, iMac! I hope that after the entry into adult life you we will continue to delight and surprise.

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