The new danger. Why Windows laptops are increasingly threatened MacBook Pro

After a controversial redesign in 2016, MacBook Pro as vulnerable. Top Windows devices and daring newcomers are ready to bring down the inviolable status of the laptop.

Earlier in the direction of Apple computers, it was easy. MacBook Pro 2012 was so goodthat it is easy lived 4 years without a redesign, polybushes millions of users. By the same logic the new MacBook Pro are in the middle of the life cycle, and changes in the appearance of professional models expect by 2020.

But Apple should hurry — Windows-laptops, which previously she had not been slow to catch up, step on the toes. Evidence of their Renaissance very much. At the same time MacBook becomes obsolete in the eyes. And it does not support touch screens.


A General trend among modern Windows-based laptops. At IFA , he was particularly expressive. So, Acer showed the updated model Swift Swift 5 and 7. The screen is up to 90% of the front surface.

Not only that, it looks fantastically beautiful. But due to the reduced bazeley laptop more and significantly shrinks in size. In the same case is placed another screen — and wins, by far, the user. So, Swift 5 while maintaining the size received is a 15.6-inch display instead of 14 inches. This is a significant addition.

The trend is gaining momentum not only among the flagship ultrabooks, even mainstream new Asus and Dell slowly shed the shackles of the eternal framework. To the reality in which plastic crafts for $300 will Shine masterpiece screens, so far away, but progress is being made.

Pricey MacBook Pro on this background looks unattractive. His frame, though symmetrical, but are great for 2018. Positive impressions only adds the normal position of the webcam — in the pursuit of bezrabotnaya Windows machines hide it in the bottom bezel, then straight to the buttons.

Gaming potential

Of course, the game was never the strong side of the MacBook — and hardly already will be. Apple is not going to reach out to the gaming community, and it will not optimize projects for low-end graphics cards of the MacBook. This situation long been perceived as a given, focusing on the potential of the Macs to work.

Gaming laptops for Windows is still perceived stereotypically — as a huge box with an aggressive design. But the situation here is changing and not in favor of Apple. Today’s Windows laptops better combine compactness, advanced specifications and a good autonomy. A few years ago it seemed that this combination is impossible. Today, there has been real confirmation: the Razer Blade, HP Spectre or Huawei Matebook X with different success can satisfy both working and gaming needs.

Portability meets performance — largely due to the established interaction between Windows-manufacturers and Nvidia. At the same time, Apple stubbornly butting with Radeon graphics. And over time, the gap is only getting larger.

Bold experiments

The Windows world — is primarily diversity. Sometimes it takes a radical form. If computer experiments Apple has settled on the introduction of the Touch Bar (which now do not remember even in presentations), then the Windows are bolder.

Lenovo, for example, consistently developing the idea of touchscreen keyboards. In the new Yoga Book company replaced the keys on the huge E-Ink screen support vibration feedback. The result looks crazy, but, according to the first reviewers, surprisingly functional touch input does not prevent fast typing and allows you to apply unusual solutions to save space. In addition, the second screen can be used as ebook reader or tablet.

As for Lenovo, such attempts are limited to one line of products, the company may not limit your imagination. Apple strictly clamped miser range, is forced to play by different rules.

Another example of creativity — an interactive trackpad in the new Asus ZenBook Pro 15. In simple words, it is another screen. But he also adds device use: with it you can control playback, launch favorite applications or license unit calculator. The computer, with no different outstanding features, but definitely surprising. And it may be that the interactive trackpad will soon become commonplace.

A permanent connection

Rumors that Apple is developing its own computer processors to replace Intel, go not the first year. But while the story remains at the level of speculation, in the Windows world transfer on mobile solutions has already started.

Process in command of Qualcomm, promoting a line of Snapdragon chips as the future of computing. To run on such processors full Windows requires a huge array of software changes. But the benefits are worth it.

Laptops on chips from Qualcomm will instantly come out of sleep mode, last longer and do not require active cooling. Their most important advantage is that it supports cell modules. For the availability of LTE no longer need to worry smartphone: the laptop itself has taken a cellular signal. In a world where 4G networks are already capable of surpass the speed of home Wi-Fi, this is an exceptional advantage.

Of course, really the flagship performance from laptops with mobile processors is not worth the wait. Similarly, it raises questions and stability: the recycled Windows are full of bugs and trouble. But in the Mac world is not even something to compare, so to criticize the project openly difficult. It may be that their implementation of the Apple will just be late and find yourself in the position of catching up.

Why panic before, but it’s time to be wary

Windows laptops while good on certain characteristics or areas. Solutions that can unite all the best qualities, remains a little — or they are quite niche.

Also hampered progress slowing sales industry is marking time. Cheap computers are starting to lose the war kromboom, and the more expensive options sold uncertainly. Innovation for a select circle do not work for people again went for the computers that need the highest availability.

The MacBook with the demand it’s all good. Therefore, it is minor improvements help millions of people, while massive upgrades separate Windows manufacturers consider a very modest audience. But to prevent the technological gap is still not — because at one point the situation may change.

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