To update apps from foreign App Store is now easy

In iOS 11.3, Apple has simplified the updating of applications and games sold in foreign App Store. Users no longer need to switch between stores. It is reported the boy’s body.

Some apps are only available in foreign markets. Other initially tested in individual countries and only after some time, it is possible to obtain global access. For example, the recently released game PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds for iOS by PlayerUnknown was released in China long before Western appeared in the App Store.

Before the release of iOS 11.3 update downloaded from foreign stores of flour. Apple was forced to switch between different App Store that makes it very uncomfortable. Now these things no longer need to do.

The company has allowed users to download updates for foreign ON a simple click “Update” – the same as for local. Of course, Apple will ask for a password from a foreign account, but this is not a problem.

IT-giant is going in the right direction, easing the lives of people. He added such a possibility, despite the fact that users rarely went into the App Store of other countries. In addition, it is surprising that beta testers not noticed the new feature for all time of existence of iOS 11.3 – she probably appeared only in the final release.

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