What do you expect from the Apple Watch 2?

Apple introduced its first smartwatch more than a year ago, and it would be strange to expect the emergence of the second generation of the Apple Watch in autumn 2015. However, refresh cycles will not go away, and soon the company will surely be pleased with our new gadget. It will be next spring or in September ā€” is not yet clear. But what can we expect from the new Apple Watch?

For example, a completely independent Wi-Fi connection. This would save the watch from the “slavery” of the iPhone and make them a little more Autonomous. Now the Apple Watch can’t connect to the Internet without a smartphone, and not always it is convenient.

How about tracking sleep? Apple has lured away so many experts in the field of health that could very well improve this technology in hours ā€” as it is implemented in the app for the Jawbone Up. Many owners prefer to use their Apple Watch as an alarm clock and sleep in them.

Also it would be great to see in hours additional health sensors, and Apple itself has positioned its watch as a useful accessory with which you can better monitor your body. Now it all comes down to wanking, pulse measurement, but not anymore. Oh and the FaceTime camera to boot, why not.

But most of all, I would like a diverse range. Not everyone likes watches with a square case, why not produce a “round” version? Many, know, this waiting. For example, as in the new watch from Samsung or Moto 360.

What are you most looking forward to the second generation Apple Watch? Would buy myself?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

Hi! Iā€™m Clifton and I am a full-stack engineer with a passion for building performant and scalable applications that are beautiful and easy to use.

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