What’s missing from the current iPhone?

Probably sometimes you think about how it would be great to connect each time a cable to the iPhone, and use wireless charging. Indeed, other producers have, and related accessories for smartphones are Apple, isn’t it time to make a standard solution? However, as always, here in Cupertino should be your approach.

Modern Android smartphones can be charged wirelessly, but “without the wires” — a controversial statement. In fact the need to put the device in a certain place (on a special stand) remains, just now it is not necessary to connect the cable. This causes a lot of inconveniences: for example, do not use the phone if it is charging.

In the case of Apple, the logical solution would be wireless charging, which allows you to charge devices at a distance of a few meters. Such a system has already demonstrated the company Energous, but its release was delayed because of “an important strategic cooperation with another company”. I do not with Apple?

Hope for the appearance of such features in the new iPhone is, the company itself is rumored to enter into the necessary contracts with Asian suppliers. So we just have to wait.

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