Which way is iPhone, before they get to you

Despite a long familiarity with iPhone, the knowledge of the majority of owners about its origin and the more stages of production remain very superficial. Surprisingly, many have not even heard what the concept is perfect, according to Steve jobs, the smartphone grew out of the project “pills”, and are involved in the manufacturing of hundreds of companies, including Russian. AppleInsider.ru tell which way is iPhone before you get into your hands.


Source components – the most important production aspect, which, along with the qualification of the personnel depends on the quality of the finished product. Their supply in the amount involved more than 200 companies, from such industry giants like TSMC, Samsung or Qualcomm, and ending with the little-known contracts from Russia “Crystal” and others like him.

Thus, according to The New York Times, having access to the company’s suppliers, only half of all Apple partners is based in China. The rest are scattered around the world, directly refuting the impossibility of the transfer of production capacity to build the iPhone in the States. Another thing is that it is now unlikely someone who needs it.


Corporation Foxconn, which builds iPhone, is a world leader in the industry, and its daily “exhaust” is on the order of 500 000 copies. At the enterprises of Foxconn, which lie in an area of 3.5 square kilometers, are employed more than 350,000 workers. Many of them in order to save time and money, live in hostels located in the territory of the plants.

The build process consists of more than 400 stages, based on the human conveyor belt. Robots, despite their explicit advertising, do only a small fraction of all works like cutting, polishing, and anodizing. Soldering, screwing of the screws and layout fall on the shoulders of local workers for mere pennies.


Just collected iPhone, even with appropriate labeling, may not be traded. Before it went retail, every smartphone, even the one that will not leave outside of China shall go through the procedure of customs and tax clearance. To save time and money on transportation devices in the country institution with the appropriate authority to be right on the plant.


Unlike the vast majority of manufacturers are seeking to save on the shipment of goods from China, sending them by sea, Apple uses exclusively the aircraft. A well-developed delivery service with a private security company allows the company to save significantly more time, reducing the possibility of damage to the parcel or it is lost. This method of transport comes Apple a pretty penny, but what’s the difference if the consumer pays for everything?

Interestingly, in the early years, Apple was not able to secure stable supplies of the iPhone, sending at a time in the air is not more than 150 000 pieces. To increase the flow of shipped smartphones was only possible thanks to the government of China, the company went on to meet and at their own expense to expand the airport in Zhengzhou.


In Cupertino can’t afford to have their own products proved to be unprofitable for them, and therefore are constantly working on pricing for each country separately. As a rule, the increase or decrease in the cost of the iPhone is directly related to currency fluctuations and tax duties and is totally independent from the high cost of transportation. That is why in China smartphones are estimated at almost $ 100 more expensive than Alaska.

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