Who became the leader of sales of Apple products and how best to spend the money found under the tree in the New Year.

What can be done on the first working day is to sum up a great weekend. And judging by the sales of Apple products in the new year many good.

In absolute leaders of the Christmas sales… Freedom from loose cables, inaudible-to-push buttons, poor quality music — all this left in the past year, those who as a new year gift chosen or got AirPods.

On 12 December, according to the Apple store MD-Lavka, coveted headphone was commercially available, and their cost was only 11 500₽. But closer to the New year the demand exceeded the supply, and 10 days before new year AirPods ended in all official stores in Moscow, and the cost of their gray market began to grow steadily. This has been influenced by the new year the dollar, and 25 December, the average price of AirPods was 13000₽.

The sad part is had to those who postponed a purchase in the last day. Primarily due to the fact that from 25 to 31 December find AirPods not only in Moscow but also in the field, it was a big problem. And, of course, due to the fact that its slowness had quite expensive to pay. The minimum value leader the new year sales rose by almost a third and was at least 15 500 rubles in the new year days. And many, judging by the reviews, had to buy headphones and at a price of 20 000 rubles. As for the store Apple.com he offered to order on January 18-19 is for sure wouldn’t like a Christmas gift.

All expect new supplies in the official shops, and filled with grey market price of AirPods must, of course, to decline. However, in connection with the VAT increase, the official cost still remains above the new year and will be 13 719₽. If you need to make a gift for Old New Year, AirPods has, of course, can be found on the gray market, but prices remain high. Therefore, if under the Christmas tree you found an envelope with money and want to spend it wisely, wait for about a month. Prices on AirPods, must be reduced, and you can gain 10-20%, unless, of course, the ruble again will not go into a dive.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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