Why app developers don’t like 3D Touch

Features 3D Touch, which became the main innovation of the new iPhone 6s, and predicted a bright future. The reviewers called it a new trend in the development of smartphones, which would completely turn the industry. Only that app developers apparently have a different opinion, slowly to adapt their products.

Despite the undoubted convenience of the new technology that allows you to view incoming notifications, links, and message before you pull them off, and call the context menu of the application, the vast majority available in the App Store programs do not support this useful feature. Neither Google nor Tumblr, nor Spotify, nor even Snapchat, and continued to ignore the existence of 3D Touch, is not to seek integration. What is the reason of such passivity developers?

It turns out that the answer is much closer and clearer than we thought. According to Luke Gamble, senior development Manager Agency Xero, the most important of reasons is not too high functionality and the use of 3D Touch technology.

“In fact, says Luke, is quite a lot of applications repeat of each other’s capabilities to work with 3D Touch. Most of them only allow you to “peek” in them, not offering necessary other actions”.

Despite this statement, Gamble, Xero programmers, however, prefer to adapt their app to interact with different pressing forces. So, Xero customers can now more comfortable to work with incoming invoices and receipts through 3D Touch. But, according to Luke, without this it is possible and necessary.

“It is for this reason that many developers prefer not to waste your time on trifles, — said Gamble. – Also plays an important role low prevalence of iPhone 6s in the market at just 8.5% of the total. [Developers] much more efficient to work with a wider audience by adding more major features, and encompassing”.

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