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How many times when using your iPhone, you would say “hi, Siri”? Or call the voice assistant from Apple on business, not for fun? I think not so often. Indeed, despite the presence of Siri in the iPhone (from 4s), many users did not communicate with her, and not even activate the helper in the settings. Why Apple continues to make this emphasis on Siri in its advertising campaigns?

Apple has released three new promotional video and two videos about Siri’s capabilities and only one is about the camera. In commercials demonstrates the voice assistant that let you communicate with her without touching the device. Great? Possible. But it’s hard to imagine the millions of users who communicate with your phone every morning.

In 2012 Siri turned to no more than 70 % of iPhone users. It is addressed, and not used the assistant as a casual assistant. Closer to 2014, according to CNET, 85% did not resort to the help of Siri. 46% of the interviewed considered it too “raw” for use. But it’s not just that.

You will probably be difficult to walk in the street and say “Hey, Siri” or “OK, Google” (although the search engine in their advertising claims to the contrary) because you care about the opinions of others, and in these moments it seems that to click a few buttons on your smartphone easier. In addition, without the support of the Russian Wolfram Siri is not much useful: Yes, you may tell the tale or tell you the weather, but do we need it?

Despite these statistics, Apple continues to promote Siri and convince users that they really need this voice assistant. That only buying the iPhone because of Siri but because of other really useful features (and design, of course). And Apple understand this, but don’t lose hope and develop Siri with each passing year. Indeed, not to close such a project, even if they are not used.

I want to believe that in the coming years in Cupertino will revolutionize and transform Siri into a truly useful assistant. Assistant, who will not be ashamed to speak on the street. But if this society? This is what we have to learn.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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