Why Safari is the best browser in iOS and macOS 12 Mojave

In iOS and macOS 12 Mojave Safari will get a new important function that a lot of force to remove Chrome. What, according to Cult of Mac.

Privacy policy

12 in the iOS and macOS Safari Mojave additionally takes care of the privacy. It uses technology Enhanced Tracking Prevention, which prevents sites from tracking user activity. Now no one will know what is installed on the computer fonts, which are used plug-ins, screen resolution, system language, and more.

To avoid such tracking, you previously had to download TOR. Without that, anyone who uses the Internet leaves a trace in the network. It, in turn, used by advertising agencies and security services.

In addition, Apple iOS and macOS 12 Mojave has removed the ability to connect to Safari social networking accounts. Thanks to this step no one, not even Facebook does not know what user on the Internet.


One of the main features in iOS 12 is speed. This is true even for the first beta version of iOS 12 and, of course, Safari browser:

“All the usual actions like launching the camera or typing are faster than ever,” reports Apple.


12 as in iOS and macOS Safari Mojave, finally, will display small icons of the sites on open tabs. Now in a jumble of tabs open you can easily find what you need without spending time searching.

Chrome have this feature for many years, but now no one can complain of its absence in Safari. Now there is the last reason why everyone should use Google Chrome.

Improved reading Mode

Apple didn’t mention it at WWDC 2018, but in the new updated Safari reader Mode. Now it is much better scans and cleans up websites with advertising banners and distracting content. In addition, the speed of its opening has increased markedly.

Autocomplete passwords

Safari can store passwords and logins of sites, then the user can fill in the required fields with one click. 12 thanks to iOS and macOS Mojave, function improved. Now all the confirmation codes from PHONE will be transferred automatically – no longer have to constantly open and close messages.

Dark theme macOS Mojave

Dark theme macOS Mojave probably got more applause than anything else presented at WWDC 2018. It not just modifies the menu and some UI elements, and completely repaints the system.

In General, everything that is white or gray on the Mac, will be black or dark gray. Window borders, toolbars, lists, menus, and backgrounds – everything changes. Apple’s own utilities have been updated to look great in the dark mode, third-party apps should soon get a new color scheme, otherwise it will be deleted.

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