“Will fly to the bottom!”: as the game Helix Jump while stealing

Helix Jump ā€” this is a classic example as simple taymkiller, which is impossible to put down. Understand how the application was in seventh place in the top chart of free games in the App Store.

Another arcade game from the developer of Voodoo, known for popular games such as Snake VS Block and Paper.io 2, has gained popularity users: Helix Jump like no other application perfectly illustrates how much time do people steal your Internet.

A Bouncing ball moves inside the spiral tower of the labyrinth. The player’s task ā€” to help him to reach the bottom (by the way, “will fly to the bottom!” is the slogan of the Helix Jump). This can be done by using your finger on the screen and turning the tower so that the ball continued to move down and did not fall on the colored areas, that is, for example, if all the levels of purple in any case be sent the figure on the pink areas.

Obviously, the gameplay is very simple, however, this does not mean that it is easy to play: unused to even the first levels are overcome long. The fact that you just need to get used to the control: glide your finger right to left rotates the axes clockwise, and the left right against. Finger is better not to detach from the screen: then the manoeuvrability of the tower is felt better.

One of the most enjoyable moments is when the ball manages to fly more than two flights at a time: in this case, it speeds up and breaks the level at which lands, even once on the land of another color. We called it the nice thing, however, sometimes due to the acceleration you can lose: it is unknown what will land the figure, having broken the level at which flies.

During the increase of levels, there are additional obstacles: first, the colored areas start to move, and you need to carefully chose the moment they will not be in the place where you want to land the ball; second, see vertical colored bars that block move: if you touch them, the game will end.

For a bundle (a set of 600 points in one round, for example), you can get more skins ball or not to turn it into a cube. On maneuverability or speed skins does not affect.

Why Helix Jump is a case from the category “wanted to spend five minutes, and spent five hours”? If you add up the gameplay is simple, natural dynamism (if you pull the actual bulb from the tower, he will fly fast enough) and the absolute lack of spare parts, will the game to which the user will return again and again: it will chase the passion and the desire to go further, but at the same time, he will not have to excessively concentrate or strain. In many other arcades, if loss happens when you recruited a lot of points, the player just closes the app, not wanting to start all over again. This is well understood on the example of Subway Surfers, where the first speed is a minimum, and in accordance with the passage of the forward, it increases.

What Helix Jump? Could not pass a level? Nothing, the system will immediately offer a “second chance”, which is just a touch on the screen. And the user plays again, as if just did not start at first, and neither the speed nor the level are not changed. And it turns out that the play Helix Jump a bit it is rarely possible to interrupt the process only an emergency call, a dead battery, or Declaration of a desired station in the subway.

Download Helix Jump from the App Store at this link.

We traditionally recommend you to disable the mobile Internet and Wi-Fi on the games: so apps will be gone annoying advertising, which is famous for the Voodoo.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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