Zero cult player Winamp will return in 2019

Media player, which has become the main player for Windows, was closed in 2013. Six years later, the service has announced its return to the market. Details of the statement was posted on the newspaper’s website TechCrunch.

About the return of Winamp on the market of media players the company said the product owner Radionomy. According to its representatives, Winamp is restarted in the format of a single mobile platform for streaming services, podcasts and subscriptions. The updated player will take place in 2019, will also be released and desktopnye option.

It will be a completely new version. Given the heritage of Winamp, but with the possibility to obtain a richer listening experience. You can listen to not only MP3-shki that you have at home, but also what is in the cloud, podcasts, streaming radio stations and playlists that you have created.

Radionomy leaders also noted that they see the request of the audience to receive content from different services in one place. That’s exactly what they’ll give Winamp a new sample of 2019, which, according to the project developers, will work on the basis of a single listen on all devices.

Winamp was launched in 1997. Three years later, the number of students exceeded 25 million users worldwide. The program due to its popularity became a legendary player for Windows. That Winamp will be closed, it became known in 2013. Despite this, the player still used by about 100 million people.

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Clifton Nichols

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