4 alternatives to Microsoft Office

The situation around the office was developed so that Microsoft became the standard. When you need to create a text document, the majority of ordinary users need MS Office, and it needs it really.

Microsoft knows how to make cool products. I use the Edge browser on the smartphone and cross-platform application for taking notes in OneNote as your primary notebook, and Xbox One. Office from Redmond suggest to leave the corporate employees.

Office disgusting the price tag to get a package with Word and Excel need one-time to pay 6999 rubles, or to subscribe and pay or 339 269 rubles per month, depending on the selected tariff plan. Do not rush to open the browser tab of the torrent tracker, in this article, we picked up 4 alternatives to Microsoft Office, among which there are decent free equivalents.


Apple gives its users the office Suite iWork, which includes three applications: Pages, Numbers and Keynote. These applications will be enough to work with text files, spreadsheets, and presentations, they are also suitable for more complex tasks. In addition to the mobile and desktop versions, there is the iWork web version.

Available in the Mac App Store for free

Google Docs

Google has its own office Suite of applications, which is available via browser and mobile apps. Documents from Google allows you to collaborate on editing files, and also has built-in support for Microsoft Word documents, which allows you to convert Word files to Google docs and Vice versa. Recently the app from the search giant replaced the office Suite of Microsoft apps on my smartphone.

To start using Google Documents for free


LibreOffice — a powerful, cross-platform office Suite is open source and completely free. Supports most popular operating systems, including macOS, Linux and Windows. Of all the alternatives, this office Suite to replace MS Office completely, it includes applications to work with text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and databases.

Download LibreOffice for free

iA Writer

That moment when you need to concentrate on the text, so that, including the huge overloaded functions menu. iA Writer not an office package, a text editor that has versions for Windows and Mac and free apps for iOS and Android. Have iA Writer is the ability to edit the texts in the way of Markdown, syntax highlighting and the number of characters, the export function of the text blogs on WordPress and Medium, the conversion of documents into PDF files and Microsoft Word (.docx).

Buy in the Mac App Store for 2290 R.*

*on the official website of the developer there is a free trial version for macOS and Windows

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