Top 5 external hard drives with USB-C for a new MacBook

As you know, the new MacBook and MacBook Pro, Apple has abandoned all ports other than USB-C. Many consumers upset with the lack of a standard USB-A connector, but it is worth considering the fact that USB Type-C is much faster.

Apple time realized that in the future USB Type-C will replace the standard USB ports, HDMI, DisplayPort, connectors for power and other obsolete technologies. Of course, most devices have the “old” ports to connect to new MacBook necessary adapters, but it is worth considering data transfer rate, which is much lower than USB-C.

Sooner or later, regardless of the acquired configuration MacBook, each user is faced with a shortage of free storage, so you should think about buying a hard drive with USB-C. in Addition, the presence of an external drive is a necessity, primarily related to backup and protect your data.

In this selection we have collected the best external hard drives with a USB connection.

G-Technology G-Drive

“Pet users”

G-Drive is a great external drive with USB-C. the hard drive runs at speeds of 7,200 rpm and has data transfer speeds up to 136 MB/s, thanks to USB 3.1. Available body colors are a perfect match for the colors MacBook.

Price: 11 490 rubles for 1 TB.

T5 Samsung SSD

“The fastest”

T5 Samsung SSD solid state drive for faster data transfer rate than physical hard drives. Another advantage of SSDs is that they have no moving parts, so if you are not strong dropped or hit they don’t fail. SSD are more expensive, but the price is justified by the writing speed, which reaches 540 MB/s.

Price: from 6560 rubles for 250 GB.

LaCie Rugged


Portable hard drive LaCie Rugged USB-C combines the high strength and advanced connectivity through the USB port. it provides resistance to moisture and damage protection when you fall or strikes for use in any conditions. They were covered by a 2 year warranty which also includes restoration of data.

Price: 8 990 rubles for 1 TB.

SanDisk Extreme SSD 900

“Expensive but reliable”

SanDisk”s Extreme 900 SSD solid state drive, made of durable aluminum and rubber, so the hard drive is shock resistant. The negatives are just too high cost.

Price: 23 990 rubles for 480 GB.

LaCie Porsche Design

“The most stylish”

Stylish external hard drive, LaCie Porsche Design will be a great addition to your MacBook. It combines signature minimalistic design and advanced technology. Included in addition to cable USB-C/USB-a USB-C/USB-A, so it can be connected to absolutely any computer without any adapters.

Price: 5 990 rubles for 1 TB.

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