Apple has decided to finally abandon Final Cut Pro 7

Apple notifies users that stops the support of the seventh generation of Final Cut Pro in the new version of macOS.

When the lights went out in Final Cut Pro X, which became the replacement of the seventh version on the Internet, a wave of indignation professional editors and help. Many of them, at one time, switched to Final Cut Pro 7 from the application Avid as the first one was cheaper, and after several updates still functional enough for professionals. The release of Final Cut Pro X heralded a new era and was aimed at consumers, not professionals. Because of this, the part of the audience refused to update and continued to work with the seventh version of the application.

Now Apple sends out emails which notifies that the Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro Studio will no longer work with new versions of the macOS, starting with High Sierra. However, in the letter the company noted that Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 and Compressor 4 work with the latest version of the system now.

Many users still rely on Final Cut Pro 7 in their work. More already found counterparts, as there are many cheaper and even free solutions. Final Cut Pro X after many patches have gained a little bit of a professional look, but somehow remained the custom Addons and software that only works with the seventh version of Final Cut Pro.

Loyal users, nothing remains but to upgrade their desktop computers and continue to use macOS Sierra or older that could have a negative impact on the level of security.

Apple had always been a controversial strategy for the development of professional software. Many decided that the company will soon drop the Mac direction and will focus on mobile gadgets, as they bring more profit.

Fortunately, not all that bad. Apple has heard the voices of the professionals and made an appeal to the audience by telling about their plans for the development of professional machines.

In December 2017, will the iMac Pro, and in 2018 for the first time in 5 years will be updated the most powerful computer Apple Mac Pro.

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