Apple has started selling refurbished HomePod

Apple has updated the store with restored devices include smart column HomePod. The restored column is $ 50 cheaper than new ā€” $ 299.

So far, the device is not shown on the main page with the recovered products, but it can be purchased on a separate page. Speaker is sold only in the USA and available in two colors ā€” white and black. The restored devices are generally sold in limited quantities, so HomePod can quickly end.

Purchase of the restored columns is a great way to get a new device at a lower price. All refurbished products are tested by Apple and lack the technical and visual deficiencies. All restored the device has a global warranty of one year.

HomePod Apple began selling in February 2018. She maintains control with Siri and can play music from Apple Music service. In Russia, the column is not for sale.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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