Application for hunting for violators of Parking rules downloaded over 70 000 times, the most active user has recorded 1,700 violations

Last year, Moscow authorities have launched a service “Moscow Assistant for smartphones, which allows each resident to become a Parking inspector. Soon app users will be able to fix a violation of Parking regulations in the area of sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. As reported by TASS Deputy mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov, the new functionality will appear in the app until the end of the year.

Application Assistant of Moscow” enjoys great popularity among the citizens, it was downloaded more than 70,000 people. The app will be updated and improved in the future. In August, added the possibility of fixing the Parking on the lawns, in the future, users will be able to fix a violation of Parking regulations in the area of sidewalks and crosswalks”, ā€“ he said, noting that such a function will be added in the app by the end of this year.

Liksutov said that only since the launch of the application on the basis of submitted from users of the materials discharged more than 40,000 orders. The most active user of the app has recorded more than 1,700 violations.

“For active in the fighting with lawbreakers on the roads the Department of transport gives the most active users gifts”, ā€“ concluded the Deputy mayor.

The app “Assistant of Moscow” appeared in August 2015. Citizens may record the unpaid Parking Parking Parking ‘ signs on lawns and Parking violations at the airport Vnukovo.

Users submit photos of the cars of offenders, information is checked by the controlling structures, who make a decision on the penalty to the owner of the machine.

The project was tied to the “Active citizen”, and more recently for road awareness bonuses ā€“ 200 points for each fine and up to 2000 points for some of the achievements. They can be exchanged for different bonuses from the city, for example, on hours of free Parking.

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