Caviar has released the iPhone c the solar panel. It is expensive and pointless

Manufacturer of luxury accessories and finishes Caviar has released a new product. This modification iPhone X ā€” gold edging and with a solar panel on the back cover.

Product called iPhone X Tesla. It will cost 4600 dollars for the version with 64 GB. The company changed the material of the back panel. Now it is made of carbon fiber, has a solar panel and can charge your smartphone in the manner of case with battery (inside also has some additional battery). On the work of solar panel according to the little LED lamp.

Also, the cap houses the elements of gold and leather. On frame iPhone engraved custom logo and the phrase “Made on Earth by humans”, which refers to the slogan of the company Tesla. The last unusual element of the design ā€” the magnetic charging port cutout for the camera, reminiscent of the working principle of MagSafe.

The device fell into the hands of the journalist of the portal AppleInsider. He said that gadget excessively overheat when using the magnetic port of the iPhone is almost impossible to hold in hands. Furthermore, the modification significantly heavier than the original.

There are also concerns about the strength of X Tesla iPhone. Despite vlagoustoychivy level IP67, individual elements of technological “cover” got to get the clearances. The portal supplied accessory 2 points out of a possible 5.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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