How to play retro games with OpenEmu

If in cloudy weather felt a wave of nostalgia and wanted to spend a cozy evening with a game from my childhood ā€” not necessarily look for the nearest appliance store retro console, you can use the emulator OpenEmu.

App with simple and intuitive interface supports all known games from retro consoles, from the Famicom and GameBoy, to games original Sony Playstation. It is a lso worth noting support exclusive to specific platforms, such as Atari, NeoGeo and TurboGrafx. OpenEmu is a solution “all in one”, in addition to video game emulation, the application has a built-in organizer and a section with freely distributed games.

After downloading and installing the application you will be asked about the necessary set of emulators, you can not bother and install everything or select “Sega Mega Drive” if you plan to play only games with this console.

The main window of the application is divided into two parts: on the left a list of emulators, to the right is the library with games. In the navigation bar four sections: “Library”, “Save”, “Screenshots” and “Homebrew”. If the first three all it is clear, in the section “Homebrew” is a directory from freely distributed games, mentioned above.

Add a new game in the app is very simple: you can drag and drop the game file in the library window (by drag’n’drop), or click the “+” button and choose the games that you want to add to the emulator.

In the settings OpenEmu control can be set for each console. The emulator has the ability to use the keyboard or a gamepad, I used the controller from the Xbox One.

The app has an interesting ability to save gameplay, to later return to the game from the moment where they stopped.

I want to mention the smoothness of the emulation and high-quality sound playback without delays and “ratchet”, the application has an excellent implementation support gamepad, my controller from my Xbox One picked up on the fly without dancing with a tambourine. Intuitive key assignment helps to quickly reconfigure modern gamepads in retro controllers.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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