IOS features that Apple “borrowed” from the JailBreak community: Part 1

iOS 12 impresses with its stability, performance, security, and user-friendly interface. But the mobile operating system Apple has not always been like this. A large part of the tools and features Apple borrowed from the developers of apps and tweaks for devices with JailBreak.

Quick responses to messages, camera shortcut on the lock screen, record the screen is a small list of features that appeared on iOS jailbreak long before Apple implemented them in its mobile operating system.

The first version of iOS, then called iPhone OS was severely limited in functions — came to the aid of the developers of the JailBreak community, they quickly found ways to improve the Apple software. Most of the early tweaks ahead of its time, they were innovative and useful, then their functions gradually appeared with major operating system upgrades. iOS 2018 has all the necessary tools that leaves users without the need for the jailbreak procedure.

In this article we suggest a little dip into the history of the formation of iOS and remember the tweaks and system utilities from Cydia functionality which Apple “borrowed” for its Axis.

Control center (iOS 7)

The shutter control center (ACC), to which we are accustomed, appeared in iOS 7, it now opens with a swipe from the top down. In the control center switches are frequently used system functions such as Wi-Fi, airplane mode, mode do not disturb and Bluetooth.

The jailbreakers had this feature long before the release of iOS 7, thanks to twice SBSettings from BigBoss. “The godfather” of the control center was fully customizable, users can choose the display order of the switches and widgets.

The sections of the control center (iOS 10)

Apple has updated the CO with the release of iOS 10, in this version a separate section for music. It is obvious that this decision is “borrowed” from the Auxo tweak from A3Tweaks developers.

The “floating” MC (iOS 10)

The control center rejected the traditional design of the “blinds” from the left edge of the screen to the right. The jailbreakers have already had the chance, starting with iOS 8. Like the design of the TSU was implemented as company Floater from Skylerk99.

Customizable control center (iOS 11)

MC with the release of iOS 11 has received a significant UI changes, and the option of fully customizing is one of the main features. For the first time in a long time, it became possible to hide unnecessary switches without the need to expose the smartphone the jailbreak procedure.

Alternatively, with experience you can remember that they had such an opportunity with the utility CChide, and more advanced used CCSettings.

Control mobile Internet iOS (11)

This switch is very long way to iOS and got it only to the version number “11”. Finally, users don’t need to use airplane mode and fail to “Settings” to disable the cellular data networks.

The community in full used this toggle with SBSettings jailbreak tweak and CCSettings.

Management power saver mode (iOS 11)

Power saving mode is a great feature, which helps save power when not needed. Till iOS 11 to activate the mode, needed to go in settings. Starting with iOS 10 button in MC could be added using CCLowPower.

Colored switches (iOS 11)

IOS 11, for clarity of display active function ZU Apple redrew the switches and made them colored. Users can use this feature on iOS 8, you just needed to set the Cream from the developer CP Digital Darkroom.

Interactive notifications (iOS 8)

Apple has introduced interactive notifications in iOS 8, this tool has greatly expanded the possibilities of multitasking on the iPhone. Using the new notifications that users can respond to messages, or mark email as read without leaving an open app. Probably Apple peeped this opportunity for the Lockinfo and BiteSMS.

Bubbles notifications (iOS 10)

In iOS 10 was subjected to redesign the appearance of the notification, which has been preserved to the latest iOS 12. Have “hacked” the iPhone was a similar implementation, starting with iOS 8. Notifications within a single bubble added tweak WatchNotifications.

To clear all notifications (iOS 10)

In the tenth iOS has an opportunity to clear all the notifications received when one-click feature was available for devices equipped with 3D Touch. In the jailbreak community used a vengeance clearing notifications on any device, helping tweak OneTapClear.

Cursor control (iOS 9)

The possibility of precise cursor control was added in the ninth version of the mobile operating system feature has been implemented by clicking the 3D Touch. IPhone c the untethered jailbreak using this feature in the days of the iPhone 4. The tweak SwipeSelection allowed to move the cursor to swipe across the keyboard for all devices.

Keyboard for one-handed input (iOS 11)

C release of the iPhone 6 and 6+ smartphones have increased in size due to the increase of the diagonal. Users have had difficulty typing with one hand. This problem Apple has decided to 11 for iOS, adding the ability to offset the keyboard to the left or right sides of the screen, depending on user preference.

This decision was late for more than three years. Developers of software for jailbroken devices solved this problem by using tools OneHandWizard and sharedRoutine.

Stickers in iMessage

To enhance the exchange of messages, Apple has added support for stickers in iMessage on iOS 10. We are grateful to the company from Cupertino for what has made its messaging service more fun, but those who jailbreak do remember the app StickerMe, which was added in stickers from Facebook Messenger, starting with iOS 8.

Delete individual calls (iOS 5)

Now it’s really hard to believe, but on the iPhone before the release of iOS 5 there was no possibility to remove individual entries from the call list. This feature was absent from all but the owners of devices with jailbreak and installed tweak called Call Delete.

Black list (iOS 7)

The tool for blocking unwanted calls appeared in iOS 7 until now this task was done the tweak iBlacklist, which could block not only phone calls, but FaceTime, SMS and iMessage.

The text formatting of email (iOS 5)

You can format the text of the email was presented in the fifth iOS before its release, this tool has added the Rich Text tweak developer Ryan Petrich.

To be continued.

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