Jailbreak for iPhone Xs exists

The iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max in the countries of the second wave, including in Russia, has just begun, and unruly hackers have found a way to crack the new.

As reported by one of the experts on the security of the Chinese Corporation Alibaba, Min(Spark) Zhang, Pangu, the hackers found a vulnerability in the processor and A12 were able to jailbreak your new iPhone.

About this, Zheng rushed to tell his Twitter:

To support the claim Zheng posted a screenshot, which depicted root access to the system, 5.8-inch iPhone Xs.

Information about how did the hackers hack iPhone Xs Max, yet, but it is likely that the tool developed by Pangu, install the jailbreak and a 6.5-inch iPhone. Because the older model iPhone Xs Max equipped with the same processor A12 Bionic is likely the hackers managed to hack her.

The band Pangu has not said yet whether to release the tool to install the jailbreak on the new iPhone in public access, and if you’re going, when to wait for the official release.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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