New update Telegram 5.0, which crashes the app

As promised Pavel Durov, appeared in the App Store major update 5.0 Telegram, written in Swift. Durov has kept another promise — in the application there are errors which messenger will crash at startup.

The blog Telegram, it was reported, on the release of the update. The command of the messenger said that completely rewrote the app using Swift language.

This new version of Telegram looks the same as the old one, but smoother, more friendly to the battery and faster (which is surprising, given how quickly he worked the older version).

All changes in the Telegram 5.0 for iOS:

  • Reduced battery consumption.
  • Expandable notifications in the app.
  • Streaming audio files.
  • Smooth animations in the chat rooms.
  • Improving operations in the background: chat with notifications always updated.
  • New unread count: shows the number of chats that have unread messages (can be changed in Settings).
  • Improved navigation for chat: scroll up shows the date of the message, clicking on the date translates to the first message of the day.
  • Fixed many old bugs.

In addition to the many changes, the app now errors, which Telegram may fail or not start.

@telegram ios 12, iphone 7, app version 5.0.8

— Pavel Zverev (@zverev_pavel) 29 Sep 2018.

In Telegram know about all the problems and offer users who are faced with them, go to the beta version. Along with this, the command messenger has temporarily suspended the automatic update through the App Store. To install the new version manually via the app page in the App Store.

OK, got it. Please wait — another version will become available in Test Flight soon that should fix this. Will ping you when it’s out. Sorry about all of this!

— Telegram Messenger (@telegram) 29 Sep 2018.

Wait another version that will fix it, soon will appear in TestFlight. We will notify you when it’s released. Sorry for all this!

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