On Kickstarter collect money for the world’s first clock synthesizer – Synthwatch

The company Audioweld start the fundraising for the world’s first clock synthesizer – Synthwatch. In addition to the time display, the device is equipped with seven keys for creating music using the app for iOS or Android.

Also with the help of software the user gets access to the full sequencer with a set of 200 sounds. Mini synthesizer can work without connect to a smartphone.

The company also announced that in the near future will add the ability to export audio and import your own sounds into the app, if the device will be in demand. Monochrome clock display displays the time and battery level. Synthwatch is charged through the USB-C port and the included cable features a 3.5 mm Jack to connect amplifier or speakers. The device looks quite bulky, compared to the usual smart watch.

Audioweld evaluates your gadget 450 euros (about 512 USD). Commercial product launch is scheduled for April 2019. According to the manufacturer, the release date depends on how quickly the company will reach its goal for funding in the amount of 86 537 USD. Currently raising funds on Kickstarter site continues.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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