The release of Battlefield V postponed indefinitely

Update Battlefield V was supposed to come out December 4, 2018. However, as it turned out during the live broadcast due to technical problems, the release may be delayed for at least a few days.

The update, which was planned by developer Dice for 4 December 2018, included a final Chapter for the scenario Battlefield 5, and an additional, ninth card is required for passing online tank battles. Stream with a running update was launched on the official Twitch channel of the game. However, as revealed in the live broadcast, update for technical reasons and will not be available on 4 December.

Confirmation of this information has also been published in the official Twitter account of Battlefield.

Representatives of the team promised to announce a new release date of the update in the coming hours, but for the moment, information about this never appeared.

The update was supposed to name “Prelude”. In addition to the ninth card, it was supposed to be new opportunities to change and individualization of technology, private training, as well as additional rewards for players.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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