The Russian government decides how and when the country switches to digital broadcasting

The transformation of Russia into a digital country will become the main issue of the meeting of the government next week. This was reported by Deputy Minister Alexei Volin.

Wolin made a statement on the ninth of November 2018; this day in Russia appeared the first all-digital region — Tver oblast. This means that tverichi have access to the second multiplex , which includes channels “STS”, “TNT”, “Ren”, “Friday”, “Spas”, “Home”, “Star”, “TV3”, “Peace” and “Muz”. The first multiplex works in Tver in 2013 and includes “the First channel” “Russia 1”, “Match TV”, NTV, “Petersburg — 5 channel”, “Culture”, “Russia 24”, “Karusel” OTR and “TV Center”.

“Next week the government plans to consider issues related to digital broadcasting, which will identify the format, timing and methods of transition. We can assure people that there will be the selected solution as comfortable as possible for citizens,” — said Alexey Volin.

Nikolay Nikiforov, Konstantin Noskov, described the government’s intentions were positive:

“This is our kind of Christmas gift for all inhabitants of Russia”.

Television system across the country will waive the analog networks, 15 January 2019 — these are the dates announced by the government, when they decided to bring the project to life. Now officials must decide how to most conveniently to implement the reform in life.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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