Top main differences between Mac and Windows-PC

The history of the development of modern computers – it is an epic war for market share between Apple and Microsoft. In this competition make the next move. Microsoft released the first Studio monoblock Surface. And Apple started selling the updated line of MacBook Pro keyboard which includes the touch panel is Touch Bar.

In IGate has compiled a list of the most interesting differences between Apple computers and Microsoft.

Apple is proud with its design

“Apples” spend on the design about the same time as the development of iron. The company is very attentive to detail. Even the “filling” looks beautiful, though no one sees her.

…but Microsoft is almost equal to

Monoblock Surface Studio from Microsoft did the impossible. He looks no less cool than any of the Apple computers. By the way, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book laptop also looks very nice. In addition, the computers that Windows develops many manufacturers. And from Dell, and Asus are also very good designers. Yes, many computers running Windows do not look very pretty or downright weird, but good options are.

Mac is usually much more expensive than PC

On average, the Mac will be much more expensive than a PC with similar equipment and capabilities. Microsoft fans call it “Apple tax.” With the exception of anomalies. For example, the aforementioned insanely expensive Surface Book or promoted laptops for gamers. The average laptop running Windows will cost about $500. For comparison, the MacBook Air, the cheapest of the modern line of Apple costs $1000. It is quite a decent PC laptop you can buy even for $ 300-400. That is, “feel the difference”.

Windows is much more convenient for gamers

Gamers prefer to “Windows” though, because PC is much easier to customize. Serious gamers regularly peremabiri their computers, changing graphics cards and processors, adding memory. Of course, the “black boxes” Mac didn’t make the cut. Even very cool and modern MacBook in a few years will become obsolete and insert a new “dice” RAM just will not work.

And besides, many games on Mac still not coming. This problem began in the distant 90s and still continues. When Steve jobs left Atari, he apparently abandoned computer game, but in vain.

Have better Mac support. If there is one in your city

If you have some kind of problem with the Mac, you can contact the nearest Apple store, where a specialist will check your notebook and repair it, and for the solution of small problems free of charge. Unless, of course, in your city, in principle, have an official Apple store. If not, then the repair is turning into an exciting Thriller.

PC easier in this regard. Something you can fix yourself to fix something neighbor guy. And if the neighbor has not helped, the official parts is in any decent service center. But if you live where there is an official Apple store, there probably soon will open and the Microsoft Store with similar services. They do that less, but Microsoft’s own network is actively developing.

Mac safer against viruses

Mac computers are much smaller and this means that create viruses, spyware and other nasty things less interesting. Although in recent years hackers increasingly close, and they drop their attention to a narrow sphere. So Apple is working hard to overtake the bullies and baddies and builds the new security system in their software.

Operating systems look very different

The most obvious difference, isn’t it? In Windows 10 Microsoft has tried to combine the comfort and friendliness of the “sevens” with a focus on touch screen “g”, and they kind of succeeded. You can switch between traditional desktop and “tablet”. Traditional Desk looks like always, “start menu” in the lower left corner and the tablet shows you a menu with applications. macOS has gone through its panel with the most used apps at the bottom and the menu along the top of the screen.

But, of course, the Internet is full of plugins that make “Windows” look exactly the same as the “Makos”, and Vice versa. So don’t believe your eyes when you see the HP laptop Apple desktop.

PC have a wider choice of iron

Many manufacturers make their PC. Microsoft releases own PCs, but Acer, Lenovo, Dell and others produce many different computers. Among this variety you can find the Assembly for every taste and budget. Apple has a monopoly in hardware and in software. If you want Mac you buy it from Apple.

Computers on Windows there is frequently a touch screen

Since Windows 10 Microsoft insists that the future of computers – in touch screens. More and more computers are from different manufacturers get touch screen, and its own line of Surface – generally the quintessence of this concept.

Apple, in turn, promises that the iPad Pro can replace your computer and adds a touch strip on the keyboard. But laptops and computers do not have the touch screen, and is unlikely to get it soon.

Windows runs on many different device types

Windows 10 works on laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones and even – if you’re suddenly interested in glasses HoloLens. A number of variations of the devices is calculated, perhaps tens of thousands. And macOS only runs on laptops and desktop computers.

The keyboard is also different

It would seem, what can be done differently, with the alphabet, and five dozen buttons? But no. If you plan in the future to change the system, you have to try to retrain for a completely different team. Copy, open program, close the window, take a screenshot, it’s all completely different sets of keys.

Mac perfectly with the iPhone

This is not surprising, because they have one manufacturer. If you have a computer and a smartphone from Apple, you can send SMSes directly from the laptop. Yes, PC too, so theoretically (if you have a smartphone running Windows, and installed Cortana, and you will put extra FOR), but it is much less convenient.

Shaken, not stirred

Want to get the best from both systems? Then choose a Mac that can run not only macOS, but also Windows via virtual machine or Boot Camp. This will help not only gamers, but also those who are just starting to get acquainted with Apple computers.

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