Where it is cheaper to buy an iPhone in Russia: January 2017

Today we continue the series of articles “Where it is cheaper to buy an iPhone in Russia”, in which we are immersed in the world of official Resellers in the country and select the best proposal. This time we first set this year, and just after the official reduction of prices on Apple equipment in Russia.

This time, on some smartphones, in particular iPhone SE 64 GB and iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB, the highest price was out of Apple, and in salons and online store MTS. At the same time, many models of iPhone are in MTS cheaper than other authorized Resellers. Some of the lowest prices offers in your online store “Beeline”.

Last week, Apple lowered the prices for equipment in Russia 7-10 % (so soon there will be collections at prices on iPad and Mac) including iPhone. Followed pricing policies have changed and all official retail chain.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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