Why users don’t want to pay for Super Mario Run?

After less than two weeks after its release, the game Super Mario Run has lost the title of most downloaded game the last time. Its rating dipped from 59 countries, including Russia. The reduction of the interest of the users commenting on the Agency’s analysts App Annie, most likely due to the limitations of the free version, and a relatively high price for games of this genre. The only way to save Super Mario Run is to reduce the cost of its distribution at least 5 times, experts predict.

In this case, the company Nintendo has the rights to the game, could earn an additional $ 20 million. “Electing the current distribution model Super Mario Run, [Nintendo] put himself in a losing situation, — quotes the words of analysts from Sensor Tower Quartz edition. – It is free, but forces players to pay a flat fee just to finish the game, whereas the vast majority of similar titles allow you to spend only as much as you wish.”

“Take a look at the range of the us App Store and will understand that to what, — summing up the experts. – About half of all the games is estimated at $ 1, and most expensive of them – Minecraft is 7 dollars!”.

Super Mario Run appeared in the App Store December 15, 2016. Demo spreading absolutely free, offers only 3 levels to explore the game. In order to remove the restrictions, you need to pay 749 rubles. In this case, the ability to upgrade, according to open sources, have used about 2% of users that, given the highest rating of expectations is extremely low. Analysts prefer to relate it to insufficient games, not able to catch neither beginners, nor even the guru of mobile gaming.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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