Apple Pay in Russia: almost a month after large-scale launch

Payment service Apple Pay has started to work in Russia on 4 October, but in November he was joined by other large banks, and the cardholders of Visa payment system. It’s been almost a month since the “scale” of the launch of Apple Pay, how it is issued for service in Russia?

According to RBC, now in Russia about 100 thousand people are using Apple Pay and Samsung Pay ā€” a little, given that Russia produced more than 248 million Bank cards. At the same time, users are quite active: the average check transaction in the “Yandex.The money” using the services is 708 rubles, the Bank “St.-Petersburg” ā€” about 600 rubles.

One active client “VTB24” using Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, spends about 100 thousand in a week, 40% of all transactions with Apple Pay take place in Moscow. For Samsung Pay, the figure is 25 %. The most popular check amount ā€” 99 rubles. In Raiffeisenbank average Apple Pay is about 1000 rubles, Samsung Pay around 900 rubles.

“Alfa-Bank” has revealed other interesting details about the services of contactless payments. According to the organization, the most expensive purchase was made by 1.83 million rubles with the help of Samsung Pay at the store Tiffany&Co.

Obviously, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay in Russia are active, and further the number of payments will only grow.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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