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Owners of iOS devices spent in the App Store more than a billion dollars of the holiday week

Apple announced new record sales in the App Store. According to the company, it was another “record year” for the app store.

As you know, Apple has updated App Store in iOS 11, modifying the visual design and adding the heading “Today”, which get the best apps of the day.

Between Christmas and New year users have spent of 1.22 billion US dollars on apps and games for iOS devices. In the first day of 2019, the owners of gadgets Apple has spent a whopping 322 million dollars. …


Top 10 disappointments of the year. Death iPhone SE and other microcredit

Paul Gorodnitsky is that a must fix in 2019.

2018 was a great year for the IT industry: it has grown from a few decent mobile brands, manufacturers are not afraid to play with designs, and even in the market there are very few devices that are ashamed to take up. But disappointments still not done. I have compiled them here in order to check whether it was possible for large companies to fix all the bugs. Go.

NFC still is not available in all smartphones. It is strange when you …


Real Racing 3: racing that will not make bored

It seems we’ve forgotten what real racing is. Talk about Real Racing 3 — sport autocaravana on real tracks, in which you can participate using your iPhone.

Racing in Real Racing 3 is really similar to the real thing. All races take place on real tracks around the world. In the beginning of the game, the user needs to go through a trial race in which he will have to learn to drive and right cornering. The car accelerates automatically, to brake you must press on the screen, and turns …


RetroArch is the best emulator for macOS and not only

Winter break is the best time to remember your childhood and play your favorite games from retro consoles on a Mac.

Unfortunately, the number of compatible games in the Mac App Store is not impressive, and Steam some games too resource intensive for slower computers. Emulator retro consoles is a great solution that is not highly dependent on the power Mac and allows you to play your favorite games of childhood.

Tell how to install the best emulator — RetroArch on the macOS …


Five reasons to buy iPhone 7 in 2019

Despite the fact that the iPhone 7 was submitted in 2016, many consumers prefer this model to the new Apple devices. Tell why this smartphone is worth to buy in 2019.

Tell why the iPhone 7 is still the best smartphone for your money in 2019.

Reason 1: iron

The device is equipped with an Apple Fusion A10 processor and 2 GB of RAM (Plus-version — 3 GB of RAM), so the smartphone copes with many daily tasks. Recently, one of the leading Russian technoblogical, Stas Vasiliev, …


Everything you need to know about fast charging of your iPhone

Starting in 2017, iPhone support wireless charging. But Apple wouldn’t be Apple if it didn’t create a lot of problems around this feature. How to charge your iPhone which adapter to buy, which wire to use is only part of the questions that we will answer.

Which iPhone supports fast charging?

Fast charging support iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR. These devices can be charged at a maximum power of 18 watts. Older Apple smartphones limit the power …


Top 5 apps for productivity to start the year

The beginning of the year is the best time for setting goals and setting goals that need to be fulfilled over the next 12 months. Talk about the best applications to improve their own productivity.

As you know, to better articulate their goals and desires, it is better to write them down. So you will know what steps to take to achieve them, and modern gadgets will be able to help. We’ve gathered the 5 best iPhone applications that should start using right now, and by the end of the …


Pig Simulator: destructive game with the symbol of 2019

It is no secret that the symbol of 2019 was a pig. For this reason, we found the most unusual game with this animal that you will remember.

Pig Simulator absurd in its idea, and it seems even more attractive. In the game the user has to manage a pig, and his goal is to destroy as many objects of the virtual world to gain the maximum number of stars and earn a new award. The story of the first part Pig Simulator takes place on the farm, then the player open new locations — fields of …


Why iPad is outdated

iPad is loved by many: it is convenient to work, watch movies and play. But time passes, and more and more smartphones get great displays that make them full-fledged replacement for the tablet. Is one of the most interesting devices Apple living out their last days?

Apple is positioning the iPad Pro 2018 as an innovative device, which can become as a professional career, and Hobbies and interests. But in ergonomics it is still inferior to the Macbook Air (which, by the way, you can buy …