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Frameless smartphones killed the audio Jack. Why is it good

The journalist of the portal Engadget Devindra Haridwar summed up the year for music lovers.

In 2018, the uncertain trend on the rejection of a 3.5 mm headphone Jack, which previously launched by Apple, became widespread. From the usual informed port model 6T refused to even friendly geeks OnePlus.

But if in 2016 and 2017 the motivation of the producers was questionable, now it all fell into place. The author notes that the rejection of the usual audio connector provoked the …


Video games develop the brain — the researchers tested on Dota 2

The researchers found that the brain experienced gamers more gray matter.

Relevant article published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature a team of scientists from China and Canada.

To study the effect of video games on the brain, they compared between 27 active players with good results and 30 “fans”, who played less and did not achieve significant victories. Members of the advanced group were participants in regional or national Championships for USA League of Legends and …


Why all smartphones look the same

Most of the smartphones that came out in 2018, very much similar to each other. They have a large screen with cut-out and no headphone Jack. Why it is so, said Neil Mansfield is a Professor at the Nottingham Trent University.

In 1994, IBM introduced the Simon Communicator, which is considered the first smartphone. It had a monochrome display and a stylus. Simon can work with e-mail and Fax. However, the main difference from the phones of that time was in the screen. Case Simon was just …


“VKontakte” registered in Instagram

Domestic social network was long ignored and even Instagram has launched a competitor that failed. Then came the day when “Vkontakte” registered in Instagram.

At the time of publication account @vk numbered less than a thousand subscribers and one photograph of the headquarters of “Vkontakte” in Saint-Petersburg.

The press service of “Vkontakte” confirmed that this profile belongs to a social network, but why is it needed, the company did not explain.

“Exploring the …


What the Russians are buying in the New year: a rating of “Yandex.Market”

Analysts “Yandex” has published statistics on new year’s purchases of Russians in “Yandex.A market”. The most popular sporting goods and appliances.

According to analysts, users of “Yandex.Market” when choosing Christmas gifts showed the greatest interest in the category of sports goods. Thus, the demand for them increased by 19 percent in comparison with last year, most of the Russians bought skis and skates, as well as gyrometer. In second place in the ranking was appliances. Most …


How to stop the download of the new version of iOS

There are situations when you need to stop the download of iOS updates. Such moments are very rare, but Apple has no button, which cancels the download of the firmware, so it will be useful to know how to do it.

Online often suggest to disconnect the Internet to stop the download. But when the device reconnects to the Internet, downloading the firmware will continue, so the most reliable option is the removal of the updates. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to “General”
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    Top 5 best apps for iOS Cult of Mac

    Journalists, Cult of Mac called it the best apps of 2018 for the iPhone and iPad. We’ve gathered the five most interesting programs.

    1Blocker X

    The abundance of advertising on the Internet is not a joke can be annoying. To lock perfect 1Blocker X, which hides the ad image when using Safari on iOS devices. In addition, the application also blocks the window with a subscription offer on a particular site. 1Blocker X can be purchased at the link.


    A simple and informative …


    Xiaomi has hit the Guinness book of records

    Xiaomi installed in one of the shopping centers of Beijing, a giant tree of 1008 smartphones Mi Play. The company not only broke the world record, but gave the visitors a shopping center and fast Internet.

    Director of product management at Xiaomi is Donovan sung said in his Twitter that the installation of 7.9-foot Christmas tree took 1008 smartphones Mi Play and 12 hours, although the draft took two weeks. So the tree was appreciated by experts of the “Guinness Book”, calling it “the …


    Once again Kevin was left home alone, but this time with Google Assistant

    We all grew up as Kevin McCallister from “home Alone”. 28 years after the release of the cult film, Google decided to recreate some moments with a modern twist.

    In 1990, there were no smart phones, no smart watches, no, especially voice assistants with artificial intelligence. The plot Kevin, played by Mikkola Culkin, was left home alone at Christmas and amuse themselves as any normal child of that time used the shaving foam to his father, jumping on beds, eating everything and …


    Japan believes that smartphones can deteriorate eyesight of students

    The government of Japan concluded that the deterioration of eyesight of local students associated with smartpassiveincome.

    A recent study conducted by the Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology of Japan, showed that the number of students with bad eyesight is a record for the country 25% of the total number of students. It was also revealed that visual acuity in 67% of high school students and 34% of elementary school students is non-standard. The government …