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Security Directors of companies from Silicon valley less expensive bodyguards of the Russian oligarchs

Apple reported that the company spent 310 000 USD to security of the person Tim cook in 2018. The editors of Wired decided to compare the costs of manufacturer iPhone security with other companies in Silicon valley.

According to the SEC (securities and exchange Commission), Amazon, and Oracle spent $ 1.6 million on personal security for Jeff Bezos and Larry Ellison respectively. Alphabet holding company, which is owned by Google, has spent more than $ 600,000 on security for Sundar …


Variety: producer Jason Katims will help Apple in creating its own TV shows

Apple is preparing to open brand sharing to broadcast their own TV projects. This will help the producer Jason Katims. This is reported by journalists Variety.

Well-known producer will participate in creating the television from Apple. They will be broadcast on its own video hosting American company that could potentially become a full-fledged competitor to the online platform Netflix. The release of a new network product Apple is rumored to be scheduled for late 2019. It is expected …


Batteries for iPhone XS is suitable for iPhone X. But there is one problem

16 Jan 2019 Apple introduced the brand covers with battery for iPhone 2018. The reporters found that the accessories fit and iPhone for last year’s X. But to use them still will not work.

Release accessories was held on 16 January 2019. The cost of covers for the batteries is 11 176 rubles including the VAT increase. They are suitable for the iPhone XS, Max XS and XR. As found by 9to5Mac, Smart Battery Case may be appropriate for the iPhone X. However, to put a case on smartphone will …


Apple wants to give free Apple Watch for older people

Apple is in talks with three companies involved in the U.S. national health insurance scheme Medicare. It is reported by CNBC, citing sources familiar with Apple’s plans.

Company wants insurance offset the cost of the hours for the elderly who have no means to pay for a wearable device. Discussion focused around the financing of the Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4. The price of the cheapest model of Apple Watch 38 mm Series 3 starts at $ 279.

It is expected that the watch will be …


Lenovo will release an updated Motorola RAZR for $ 1,500

According to The Wall Street Journal, Lenovo is preparing to release its first folding smartphone under the brand name Motorola RAZR. His presentation could take place in February.

About the smartphone virtually nothing is known, except that it will be available exclusively at the American operator Verizon. The device should present in February, although it is still being tested and not completely finalized.

Screen size, form factor and specifications of the phone is unknown. It’s …


Easter eggs of the day: journalists found information about AirPower in the App Store

Apple branded covers with battery for iPhone XS, Max XS and XR. They can already be ordered on the official Apple website. The accessories reporters found information about AirPower, the release of which could take place this year.

The announcement covers-batteries for iPhone of 2018 took place on 16 January 2019. Accessories immediately appeared on the official website of the company — now they can pre-order in the online Apple store. The cost starts from $ 11 176 rubles including …


Qualcomm: “iPhone would not exist without our technology”

Representatives of Qualcomm once again commented on his dispute with Apple. So, during the court hearings the defence side of the chip maker said that no technologies Qualcomm Apple wouldn’t create iPhone.

Of the hearing on the question of violation of Apple patents Qualcomm continues. 16 January 2019, the court passed to hearing of their defence. According to the representatives of Qualcomm, Apple should be beholden to the chip maker, because without technology she would not be able …


Huawei copied the European city for its new campus

Huawei builds China’s new headquarters at 25 000 people. This would not be unusual if the company is not copied 12 European cities.

Huawei representatives demonstrated CNBC almost ready campus. It consists of 12 “cities”, each of which has a real analogue in Europe. Currently built 8 of the 12 “towns”.

Huawei did not even bother to change the names of “cities”. So, on campus there is a Paris (France), Verona (Italy), Granada (Spain) and Bruges (Belgium).

The campus is very …


DuckDuckGo became the first search engine with support for Apple Maps

Company DuckDuckGo, which develops the eponymous search engine, has announced that it now uses Apple Maps to display search results on a map.

DuckDuckGo became one of the first companies that uses Apple MapKit JS. This allowed for DuckDuckGo to improve search addresses and use the best Apple Maps such as the visual design and high-quality satellite images.

Apple Maps will be available when the results of the search in a separate tab “Maps”. It works in desktop and in mobile version …