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Apple to pay $ 440 million for patent infringement

Apple ordered to pay VirnetX $ 440 million after the U.S. court of appeals did not reverse the decision of the previous instance. The company illegally used the VirnetX patents.

The history of the conflict Apple and VirnetX began in 2010 when VirnetX accused Apple of violating patents used in FaceTime. Since then, lawyers for the companies have started to meet regularly in the courts.

In 2016, the court ruled that Apple must pay VirnetX $ 302 million. Then, the payout has increased …


Nomad has released leather accessories for AirPods and Apple Watch

Manufacturer of accessories for Apple products, Nomad has released a new AirPods and accessories for the Apple Watch. All of them are made of genuine leather.

It is no secret that leather is one of the most popular materials for covers. The most interesting accessories were presented by Nomad. Leather, which uses the company practically is not processed that after a while it will get a patina — the visible copper color.

Strap the Apple Watch got the name Modern Strap Watch, …


The next CEO of Intel can be a top Apple Executive jony Srouji

Today it became known that Intel sees as the new Director-General candidacy of senior Vice President, technology hardware Apple johnny Srouji.

As you know, Srouji began working at Apple in 2008. He led the development of the first own chip company A4 used in iPhone 4. Now he oversees a Department of hardware technology, responsible for accumulators, processors, controllers, memory, sensors, and other chipsets all Apple products.

It is unclear whether he is interested in Srouji offer …


Apple Watch Series 4 continue to save the lives of people with heart problems

Tim cook tweeted the story of another Apple Watch user, whose life was saved thanks to the smart clock.

Since the release of function of ECG on the Apple Watch Series 4 it took not much time, but she had not saved one life, discovering a heart problem owners hours.

Recently, the U.S. citizen Elissa Lombardo said that the Apple Watch Series 4 warned her husband about atrial fibrillation, prompting him to seek medical help.

According to Lombardo, her husband used a smart watch, …


Scott Forstall gave an interview about Steve Jobs, Apple TV, and more

Since then, Scott Forstall left Apple in 2012, he switched to producing Broadway musicals, but sometimes he gives interviews about his work as Vice-President of software Apple.

In the latest interview with journalists, former top Manager of Apple Forstall talked about Steve Jobs, Apple TV, and more.

Today, January 16, on the YouTube channel “Philosophical conversation” was published a video called “the Creative life”. In this interview, Scott Forstall answered questions about …


Apple has announced the official batteries for the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max XR

Despite the fact that the release came out of nowhere, and Apple, it seems, had not even made the official announcement, to order cases for iPhone models 2018 right now in the online Apple store.

Silicone batteries Smart Battery Case available in black and white. As in previous versions, they have a characteristic hump, under which hides an extra battery. Accessories compatible with the chargers of the Qi standard, and support accessories with the Lightning connector. They can also be …


Video: New basketball sneakers Adapt Nike BB can be controlled using your iPhone

Nike introduced basketball sneakers Adapt BB with an advanced lacing system that can be controlled with your smartphone.

The hallmark of the Adapt BB, which Nike calls “the most advanced solution to date”, is that to manage the laces as you can manually using the physical buttons on the shoes and using the application on the smartphone.

When a basketball player wears them Adapt BB embedded in them are of irregular motor with trained mechanisms measures the voltage needed by the …


The first feature film the Apple with bill Murray in the title role photo: Sofia Coppola

At the end of last year, Apple has teamed up with independent Studio A24 to begin joint work on a series of films for their future streaming service. The first film under this partnership is currently under development.

According to Variety, the first film the Apple and the A24 entitled “On the Rocks” (“On the rocks”) will be filmed by film Director Sofia Coppola based her script. Coppola is known for such works as “the Virgin suicides” (1999), “lost in translation” (2003), “Marie Antoinette” (2009).

Starring bill Murray, who worked with Coppola. Best known for their duet — “lost in translation”. The company will make him Rashida Jones.

The film will start production in February of this year. Nothing is yet known about the release date and availability of the film outside streaming service of Apple.

Apple has more than …


Analysts: Apple will be forced to cut prices on the iPhone and ahead of schedule to launch its video service

Apple shares continue to fall. Some analysts believe that the current situation may force Apple to reduce prices on the iPhone, but ahead of schedule to produce its own broadcasts.

About possible reduction of prices on iPhone announced experts of the analytical Agency Wedbush. First, the falling cost of smartphones is expected in China. The reason lies not only in the unexpectedly weak sales of the new iPhone, but in the expected release of its own video hosting by Apple, the primary …